Review of George Kosch’s LIVE Home Business Bootcamp Training April 3, 2015.

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George Kosch started off the LIVE Bootcamp Training by advising NEW Members what to do to get started in the training program to make the most of your Worldprofit Membership.

Then George provided details on an exciting new Worldprofit service that is in the final stages now.

It’s an easy way to record a phone message that you send to recipient(s) with the click of your mouse.
Our system will place the call for you and either leave your pre-recorded message on the recipient’s answering machine, OR, launch your message when the recipient picks up the phone.

Now you will be able to record your own voice messages that can be used to call your prospects, or Members of your organization, or your downline, essentially  anyone you want to do business with.

Once you have recorded your primary messages you can send them out easily to the recipient’s you select.

It’s a huge time saver. It’s a money saver. It’s a sales tool! 

This new service works through the purchase of Call Credits. It works out to just pennies per message.
A low cost business builder that we know will be a Member favourite!
We’ve been using it for 6 months now and are ready to release it for Member use very soon!
Release date is this weekend, watch the Bootcamp Newsletter for details and access once released.

Featured Worldprofit Service

– Worldprofit’s Reminder System (included in your Silver and Platinum VIP membership.)

It’s just one more helpful tool we have provided to our Members to help you organize, build and profit from your own online business.

What else has George Kosch been working on for Worldprofit Members?

George Kosch has researched a new service that will be another source of income for our Members.
It’s an online business for SEO services. You will be able to offer a number of SEO services including Backlink packages, press releases, article submissions, social bookmarking, video marketing, link indexing and social media. 

For more details watch the recording of the April 3rd bootcamp training with George Kosch now posted to your Worldprofit Member area.

Next LIVE training with George Kosch is Friday April 10, 2015.

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