Worldprofit releases four new services exclusively for Silver and Platinum VIP Members.

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Worldprofit Silver and Platinum VIP Members we have not one but FOUR new services for you!

Guess how much you pay?


These services are EXCLUSIVELY available to YOU as a valued Worldprofit Member.   

If you aren’t smiling yet you will be!

These services have ONE purpose – to put MORE MONEY In your pocket !
It’s the SHOPPING SEASON and YOU are poised for profit with these money makers! 

Look what we’ve got for you!

1. Your own AMAZON STORE.
Access: In your Member area, LEFT MENU select WEBSITE MANAGEMENT. Click on AMAZON STOREFRONT.
Set up is FAST and EASY.

2. Your own eBay Storefront.  
Access: In your Member area, LEFT MENU select WEBSITE MANAGEMENT. Click on eBay STOREFRONT.
Set up is FAST and EASY. Watch the help video.

3. New Gadget from George!  It’s called the MAGIC SITE GRABBER!
This will blow your mind! It’s both a listbuilder and a traffic generator.
Access: In your Member area, LEFT MENU select WEBSITE MANAGEMENT. Click on MAGIC SITE GRABBER.

4.  Video Locker.
Watch videos. Post Videos. Share Videos.
Access: In your Member area, TOP MENU, select VIDEO LOCKER.
Watch the help video.
PS: If you record  a CUSTOMER TESTIMONIAL VIDEO about how much you like the services offered at Worldprofit – we would very much appreciate it.

These new services are ready for you NOW. George Kosch will be demonstrating them in the LIVE training on Friday at 8 AM CT.
Hope to see you there. Bring your questions, pen and paper, and an OPEN mind.

The value of your Membership has gone UP again with these ADDITIONAL no cost services. 


As always if you need help? Or direction ? Or a kick in the pants?
Submit a Support Request form. Link is on TOP MENU.
We really are here 7 days a week standing by to help you.
We’ve provided you with the vehicle to make money online – get in it and DRIVE!

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