Customer Review of Worldprofit Home Business Training Program by Awah Aweh

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Thank you to Awah Aweh for submitting answers to our recent Member Survey asking for feedback on the training and services offered at Worldprofit. We appreciate your comments and look forward to helping you build your own successful online business. Looking forward to seeing you at the next LIVE training session. 

Question: What do you consider to be your TOP Reason(s) to join Worldprofit?

Answer: Applicability of skills learned, software resources to any of my online business. I know there is money to be made online but I need to be pointed in the right direction, that is what I get.

Question: Name the tools you use MOST of all those available to you in your Member area?
Answer: I have not started using any of the tools yet. I wish to begin as soon as I get use to the system. At the moment, I do not know precisely where to begin.
Question. What is the reason(s) you continue your Membership with Worldprofit?
Answer:  I receive more value than what I pay each month. I wish more people understood this or took  time to figure it out. I get technical support 7 days a week 
Monitors help to close my sales referrals.
Question. Why do you think Worldprofit continues to be the # 1 popular choice for online business training?
Answer: Many people learn in different ways, the combination of both video and live training allows me to go at my own pace. Many people or companies sell something they provide no help in using it.
Reputation: the people running world profit are honest, professional, helpful and available every day.
Awah Aweh

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