Review of Home Business Bootcamp Training session with George Kosch on Nov 7, 2014. Presented by the home business experts at

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Review of Home Business Bootcamp Training session with George Kosch on Nov 7, 2014.

Topics covered in the bootcamp training session.

A:  You want to earn consistent income online right?
Here’s why you need to give Worldprofit’s program a thorough review and not just a glance over.

Worldprofit offers a complete system for online marketing ANY online buisness not just our own dealership. that has been developed over the past 20 years. We know what we are doing, we’ve done it, and are STILL doing it right now. We teach you. Our experience makes us your partner in building your own online  business. You get specialized software for lead and traffic generation as well as traininng and support 7 days  a week. Worldprofit offers a one stop marketing shop you will find tools here that you don’t have to buy of look elsewhere to find. Our software is developed in house, we build it we support it. We also have licensing and partnerships in place with other vendors and that means deals and exclusive savings for our members.  You came to Worldprofit to earn, don’t you owe it to yourself to take a really good look at what we offer?
Yes, there are a lot of materials and numerous resources, you don’t have to learn them in one day and we are here to help you every step of the way.  Building any business online or off takes time, study and patience.  We’re here to help you 7 days a week including this LIVE interactive training offered EVERY Friday. The training sessions are your opportunity to ask questions, get demonstrations, learn what works and what doesn’t.

B: New service announcements

The Virtual Sales Assistant was released this week. Feedback from Member has been super positive!
It’s INCLUDED in your Worldprofit Slver or Platinum VIP Membership.
This tool allows for easy personalized follow up with your prospects. Use it to promote your Worldprofit business with our ready made letters,  OR customize your own for your own businesses or affilaite programs.
Personlized follow up is key to making more sales.  

C: Exclusive Leads available for purchase.

Some Members have asked us to provide a reputable source for purchasing leads. Sadly some of you’ve been burned by buying fake leads, bogus signup and recycled shared leads. The leads we offer at Worldprofit come from a trusted source, are low cost and can be used for ANY business, Worldprofit or otherwise, your MLM, your affiliate programs etc.   
Find these Leads for purchase  in your Worldprofit Member area, TOP MENU select PROSPECTS. There you can find out how they are generated legitimately, the cost and so forth. 

D: Join our Facebook Group:

E: Featured Worldprofit Services

Your Member area is packed with useful tools and resources here are just a few of George Kosch’s picks for recommended tools!

Link Manager (Included in your Silver or Platinum VIP Manager)

Reminder System (Included in your Silver or Platinum VIP Manager)

Lazy Blogger ( Included in your Silver or Platinum VIP Manager)

Other OPTIONAL Recommended resources

Post-Box (OPTIONAL service available at

Favorites Tool Bar 

Edge Runner

Logitech Mouse (Performance) 

F: What’s in Development

George provided a sneak peak to participants about what is coming out shortly for Worldprofit Silver and platinum VIP Members.  

The best way to be notified of when these services are ready is to watch for the Bootcamp Newsletter email update, or check the Message Center in your Member area, or attend the LIVE training each week for announcements and demonstrations.

G. Attention  NEW Members!

If you are new to Worldprofit welcome aboard!  Know that you can ALWAYS get help 7 days a week.
Just submit a Support ticket with the details of what you need help with, and we will get back to you as soon as we can.
The link to contact Support is on the TOP MENU, click on SUPPORT. 

H: What participants had to say about George Kosch’s bootcamp training session today.

Sharon: I want one.
KEVIN: very cool and helpful
howie: amazing
Iphota: Thank you  George this why I love  this  Program I love everything
Linda: awesome as usual…thank you George
KEVIN: Thanks George I got three tips today  I will use TODAY.
Garry: Keep getting blown away
Jane: I love it all George when the prospect leaves they will be back WP only one that has all these tools
Della: Thank George for all that you do.
Denton: I Love this program thanks

I : Conclusion

We appreciate each of you for attending the bootcamp training, your questions and requests for demonstrations allow us to dish up what you need and want to know. We enjoy the feedback and opportunity to share with you what`s new and how we are continuing to work hard to provide you with good stuff you can put to good use!

The recording of today`s training is posted in your Worldprofit Member area in the TRAINING section.

Next LIVE training session is Friday November 14, 2014. See you then.