Customer Review from Sharon Sommerville about Worldprofit’s Earn at Home Training System

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Nothing makes us happier than when we get in nice words from our Members!

Worldprofit is run by people, and it’s real people that read your emails and testimonials.
It’s real people that handle your Support tickets, and work on product development  and service provision.

So today we thank SHARON SOMMERVILLE for sending in her answers to a recent survey we sent to Members about the services we offer at Worldprofit.  Sharon is a Platinum VIP Member and you may have seen her volunteering as a Monitor in Worldprofit’s LIVE Business Center. Sharon is down to earth, intelligent, sincere and one hard worker! We are so glad to have you on our team. We also appreciate your suggestion and feedback on the PLR Store – our Development team is looking into your suggestion now  

Question: What do you consider to be your TOP Reason(s) to join Worldprofit?

Answer:  I like that it is not sold as a magic button program. Most programs out there, especially Clickbank Programs make it sound like there software is a easy set up and they always say its all free, when in reality its an upgrade after upgrade after upgrade. And then after all the upgrades you either buy or pass on they send you to a hosting site that cost a few hundred dollars just to get started. Then you have to wait days sometimes weeks before the site is even up. Once the site is up, you then have to market it, because the so called software they sell you, doesn’t do the job for you like they claim it will. It is just a bunch of text and babble that means nothing to you. I clearly have had experience in this! SO my point it. That Worldprofit, is step by step easy. Yes we sign up free members, and they do get there hits for free, but what you quickly learn is that hits are slow to make money, its constant communication and having a list and resources to keep promoting on a daily basis that will start making you money, IT is NOT a get rich quick scheme that will work over night.  It is honest, and easy to follow. And when you don’t understand something you can ask, and get an answer back quickly, without being ignored. I am very thankful for Worldprofit, my only regret was not staying involved 20 years ago. People are so lucky to have the training it offers now.

Question:  Name the tools you use MOST of all those available to you in your Member area?

Answer:  ALL OF THEM. Every single tool we have has been valuable to me thus far. And I look forward to up and coming tools. But my favorites are the ones that you can resell.

I love the Clickbank Maximizer and PLR store.

However I do wish the store was easier to notice on our websites. I want people to see that I have products that they may want, without having to go through all the banners. I know personally  I don’t pay attention to banners that much. I have been playing around with website management to somehow show that I have products. The more people I can get to click on a Clickbank Maximizer product the better. The  CB Maximizer is amazing and I love it.

Question. What is the reason(s) you continue your Membership with Worldprofit?

Answer:  I am fairly new, but  with the training it makes it easy to keep going. A routine that works is key to any business, and though some days are better than others, I do see it working. If your not going to make money then chances are people won’t stick around. But if you understand that it takes times and work to make effort then, giving it a fair chance is easy to do here. We have support, Live training, Video training and we are never alone. The opportunity to keep improving and making your business run more smoothly is very evident here. We can’t learn everything we need to know over night, but we can learn it all, in time. And in the mean time,  not be left in the cold to figure it all out on our own.

Question. Why do you think Worldprofit continues to be the # 1 popular choice for online business training?

Answer: Its step by step training, It is for everyone who wants to work at home or already does. It is multiple streams of income, all in one place. I don’t have to log into 10 thousand different membership programs to keep track of my links, all my products are here ( with the exception of those I already did prior). And the ones I had prior are too being marketed with in Worldprofit. Worldprofit  makes my routine simple. AND George  is a great trainer and blunt and to the point. He has made the learning process for anyone, even a beginner easy to follow. ONE training Video at a time.

Sharon Sommerville
Worldprofit Platinum VIP Member
Elite Monitor Team
Colorado, USA.