Customer Review of Worldprofit: Anna Harris

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Thank you so very much to Anna Harris for taking the time to submit this review of Worldprofit’s earn at home training program.

Anna’s review: 

"I retired from a life of hard work as a single mom almost three years ago and have been determined to stay home. I love being home and dug into affiliate marketing on the Internet as soon as I got settled in my new home deep in the East Texas Angelina Forest, four miles from Lake Sam Rayburn. The scenery in my little town of 200 residents is breathtaking.

I have the same story; I guess the mistakes are part of the learning curve because learning how this Internet works is a challenge, especially how traffic works. I put together a beautiful website all about how to grow disease free roses (my passion), and then set off to be an affiliate marketer for any product a person could use outdoors. Then nothing happened. I tried all kinds of advertising on my limited budget, all kinds of programs, mostly trying to learn what I was doing wrong. And I, too, ended up with debt because of all the programs I’ve tried. One problem I run into often is I am not as advanced on the computer to accomplish some of the steps involved, and there is no customer service to help you through the stumbling block. That brings me to the most important part of a successful business, in my opinion, is the back-up support. Worldprofit has so much to describe as "outstanding" where do I begin?

The 24/7 monitoring – where else do you find that feature? Dr. Lant is a "one-of-a-kind", brilliant with sales, teacher.

George Kosch – the most patient instructor I’ve met, giving encouragement, example, experience. His approach to teaching just clicked with me instantly. If I ever get discouraged, just going to one of George’s recorded videos on any lesson I pick is enough to encourage me to keep going. The live bootcamps are my favorite place to be. I can ask questions, others ask questions, I learn so much. I am not opposed to spending much time devoted to following his directions because I see the potential of what is right before my eyes – the platform with all the tools to succeed, and the instructor to teach me how to use the tools.  And at this point in my bootcamp – Lesson 3 – I am beginning to feel the switch from customer to business owner. I am seeing every product from the perspective of whether others would try it, buy it. It feels like a huge accomplishment to feel that mindset begin to enter. I am almost 90 days in the program as a Silver member and have begun to recognize the value of what I have found at Worldprofit.

Sandi Hunter – Now, let’s talk about customer service, which I believe is the backbone of any business. The 24/7 access is the most comforting feature provided to me. What is better than a support system that is always there for you, like a safety net? And it is everyone at Worldproft. George is always accessible through support, any help we need is available. And the live center feature is another area I like to just check into if Dr. Lant is there, which is most of the time, and just listen to him teach. It is a lesson in itself to just listen and watch the monitors work.

To really put it clearly, for me, Worldprofit is personal contact with a huge family that will help me achieve my "bucket list" of goals.  Like Linda Else always says, I find this fun, also! By the way, even her personal touch, seeing her picture on an ad I click on surfing, makes me feel close to the family, it is a warm feeling that brings the associates in, and I thank you for that presentation. It is awesome. I honestly could write on and on the benefits I am realizing I have stumbled upon. The strongest pull for me is the fact that a real person is at bootcamp, everyone associated with is easy to access if we need help. That is like finding a gold mine for me at the level I am on the computer. That is why I appreciate the place to ask questions, the videos to listen to over and over until I get it, even George’s soothing voice is reassuring. Every time I listen and watch his instructions, I learn one or more things. The creativity and brilliance combined at the foundation of Worldprofit is what makes it so amazing. The help tools you create, George, as you teach. The brilliance of your own Silver membership. Keep up the videos – your first one helped me so much!

And, thank you, Sandi, for everything you do. I browsed your social website for a while yesterday, read some articles that were outstanding. Honestly, I have really neglected most of the site, promoting everyday as instructed. I will explore and discover everything as I grow, I’m sure. For right now, the challenge of learning each safelist and traffic exchange, downlines, surfing…….WHEW….is plenty enough to keep me busy several hours a day.

In closing, I would sure hope to emphasize how important it is to have some sort of an organized system in place for all the records we need to keep.  Many tools are in-house to help me organize, and this is a tremendous help I am implementing, a little each day. Thank you so much for all of the invaluable "time savers" I am enjoying as a Silver member. 

I’m off to promote believing I will pull in an associate or more today. See you at Bootcamp!"

Anna Harris
Texas, USA

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