Customer Review of Worldprofit: “none of them have what Worldprofit has” says Kevin Colman

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Thank you to Kevin Colman! 

Kevin sent in an awesome review of what he thinks of Worldprofit… and he’s had a taste of a number of different programs out there! Read this.

"George, that was a great informative bootcamp training session. I have been a member of Chris Farrells site as well as Sean Donohoe and many others over the last 15 years or more. I first bought Mal Emereys course for mail order, then bought a product off Mike Filsaime, Steven Pierce, Ewen Chai and the list goes on. I have been overseas for different conferences where I have met other Internet Marketers like Fabian Lim, John Childers and many others that I can not remember right now, but none of them have what Worldprofit has, everything already set up so people can easily use it once they get their head around it. Thanks again George. "
All the best, Kevin Colman

We appreciate so much when we get feedback from our Members about how our services are helping you build your own successful online business!
~ George Kosch, Sandi Hunter, Dr. Jeffrey Lant

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Common "SMART" Questions we often get at Worldprofit Support and the ANSWERS which we hope will help you.

Question? What do the Top Sellers in Worldprofit do to make money?
Answer:  The Top Sellers follow the bootcamp training to learn the skills then apply what they learn to build multiple streams of income.
They consistently promote as often as they can to generate leads and build their email marketing list.
They attend the LIVE training on Fridays or watch the recorded version.
They repeat these three things.

Question?  How often should I promote?
Answer.  As often as you can.

Question?  WHAT do I promote?
Answer: Use the landing pages in your Member area. They are ready for you to use now.
Or use the included Landing Page builder to make your own.

Question?  WHERE do I promote?
Answer: In your Member area in the ADVERTISING/TRAFFIC section are TONS of recommended places.
Or promote wherever you like but DO promote. The online bootcamp lessons teach you what you need to know.

Question? Do I have to spend money to promote?
Answer: You can use only free advertising sources or you can use paid sources – or both!
In your Member area in the ADVERTISING/TRAFFIC section are both free and paid recommended sources.
We also offer a lead service  – real people looking for a home based business.
The price for these leads is super low and is OPTIONAL.
On TOP menu in your Member area click on PROSPECTS to learn more about leads for purchase. 

Question?  When is the LIVE training by George Kosch?
Answer: Every Friday morning at 8 AM CT.  ALL live sessions are also recorded so there is no reason to miss this training.
(This interactive training is for you – not us! We know already how to do this stuff).

Question?  Where are the online Bootcamp training lessons?
Answer: Main page of your Member area, on TOP MENU click on TRAINING.

Question?  What are the common characteristics of the Top Sellers who are earning consistent income?

Never stop promoting.
Never give up.
Never lose focus.
Never stop learning.

Question? Is there help available to get me on track?

YES! 7 days a week! 365 days a year we offer support services for you.
Simply submit a Support ticket, and we will get back to you quickly.
The link to the Support form is on the TOP MENU, click on SUPPORT.

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If you missed the LIVE training with George Kosch on FRIDAY morning…..

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The recording of the session can be viewed by clicking on this link below:


Next LIVE training session is Friday Oct 17, 2014. 8 AM CT. We hope to see YOU there.