George Kosch Goes Silver: Here is my second day as a Silver Member and it’s GOOD!

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Find out the tools I used in our member area to bring in my first Associate on day 2. I used Safelists and Traffic Exchanges with the FREE accounts I created.

See video here ==>

Some tools you might want to know about include:

1. Ad Examples
2. 20+ Traffic Streams
3. Prospect Manager
4. Firefox and IE browsers (alt tab keys allows faster switching)
5. Link Manager
6. Ad Tracker
7. Who’s Logged In
8. RoboForm
9. Postbox

Finally, this is just me as a Silver Member using the tools included in my membership. The RoboForm program is free for 15 days but is the only program I would purchase for about 20 bucks. It’s worth it. Also, Postbox email program is not essential but is my favorite email organizer as you will see in the video.