Congratulations to Worldprofit’s Top 10 Sellers for July 2014.

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Congratulations to Worldprofit’s Top 10 Sellers for July!

1. Linda Elze 
2. Howard Martell  
3. Wallace Johnson 
4. Garry Smith   
5. Allan Sylvia  
6. John Machuik  
7. Kevin Deadder 
8. Lance Sumner  
9. Lisa Martiniuk 
10. Steven Woodbridge 

If you are not on the Top Sellers list, you can be!

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Worldprofit is the most comprehensive and longest running online training company servicing the home business industry.
This summer we celebrate our 20th year in business helping people all over the world build their own online business.
You are in the right place!
Commit to making your own success happen by digging into Worldprofit’s training and member services.

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Did you know?

You can see a summary of ALL the Worldprofit bootcamp lessons?

Doing this you can zero in on the topics most relevant to you.

For example…

Lesson 51 details 25 traffic tools you may not even know about that are included in your Membership.

Lesson 61 is all about Worldprofit’s Landing Page Builder. Quick ! Easy! Create pages for ANY business.

Lesson 58 is about Increasing Response Rate and promoting other programs

Lesson 79 is about The Bonus Builder so you can make custom offers for your prospects

Lessons 54, 91, 92, 93 are about creating your own ebooks, a POWERFUL lead tool used by keen marketers

Lesson 89 is about Facebook Marketing (you get THREE cources on this topic INCLUDED in your Membership)

Lesson 94 is about how to make MORE sales and put MORE money in your pocket.

Lesson 95 is your Daily To Do list.

Lesson 100 is about recommended paid trusted advertising sources.

To see the Bootcamp Lesson Summary, on LEFT MENU in your Worldprofit MEMBER AREA select HOME BUSINESS BOOTCAMP then click on BOOTCAMP LESSON SUMMARY.

PLUS, you also have a SEARCH field located in your member area on TOPIC RIGHT corner of the page, use that to search by keyword. Watch your spelling and try multiple searches for best results.


You also have Worldprofit’s Home Business VIDEO LIBRARY. Search there for vidoes on specific topics, go to   George Kosch has posted there his Bootcamp Videos as well as videos he thinks will be most helpful to you.

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