Words of Advise from Marketing Expert George Kosch about how to get your online business going and growing.

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Worldprofit’s Home Bootcamp Instructor George Kosch says…..

You need to sign up Associate Members (generate leads) EVERY DAY to see a conversion to sales.

If you aren’t doing that get on track with these 3 questions.

1. How many postings have you done today?
If the answer is ZERO what are you waiting for! Use the new Landing pages we’ve added and use the list of places we recommend that you post. Use free ads or paid ads, or a combination of both. We list both kinds of resources in your member area under the Advertising/Traffic section on left menu.

2. What does your Worldprofit AD TRACKER tell you about your promotion?
Are you getting clicks on your ad?
You want at least an average of 100 per DAY, with 200 being a good average amount, and any higher than that terrific!
Find your Ad Tracker on the LEFT menu under ADVERTISING/TRAFFIC.

3. How many Worldprofit Associates have you signed up today?
If the answer is ZERO, then you need to go back to PROMOTING, then check your Ad Tracker.

The resources do to this are ALL in your Worldprofit member area, the bootcamp training shows you what to do.

On the TOP MENU click on TRAINING and there you will see the lessons.

Go at your own pace. Watch the training videos.

We teach you the basics that you must understand so you can promote ANY online business and make consistent online income.

We’ve been helping people all over the world to make money online for over 20 years now.

We can tell you one thing with 100% certainty – those people that follow the training and apply what we teach consistently make money.

It’s that simple.

There is no secret, there is no shortcut, it’s a matter of doing (really DOING) what we teach you to get results. 

George Kosch and our entire Worldprofit support team is here to help you 7 days a week but YOU must make the personal commitment. 

If you are stuck submit a Support Ticket and our team can further direct you.

Promotion = Profit. No promotion means ZERO profit.

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