“I was horrified” said George Kosch, Bootcamp Instructor for Worldprofit’s Earn at Home Training Program.

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Today we received a Support Ticket from a member who’s been with Worldprofit since March 2012.

He asked me to let him know why his level of Associates was so low.

I reviewed his account and was HORRIFIED to see that he was still on LEVEL 2 of my home business bootcamp training lessons.

I gasped.

I shook my head in disbelief.

I asked him, "WHY are you still on Level 2 of the training after nearly 2 YEARS in our program."

His reply?

"I haven’t had time."

Now I ask YOU my wise readers. What would you have said to that?

If you’re reading this and find yourself in a similar position, that is,  you are not progressing through the training, what are you waiting for?

You came to Worldprofit to learn how to earn online. Right?

In turn, we have provided you with all the tools, resources and training you need to do that without spending another dime outside of your monthly membership cost.

We have provided you with weekly LIVE interactive training with your own personal instructor and coach, George Kosch.

We have video tutorials that you can watch at your leisure to learn key concepts and understand exactly how to use the tools and resources included in your Worldprofit Membership.

We send you a Bootcamp Newsletter with updates, announcements and tips, along with a constant push to dig into the training and do your promotions so you get results.

We have expert Technical support available 7 days a week 365 days a year to help you as needed.

We have over 90 online lessons you can do at your own pace that shows you exactly what to do..

We have skilled Monitors manning the Live Business Center 24 hours  a day, ready to welcome your referrals and make them an offer to upgrade so YOU make commission.

Please do your part, right now. 

Will you do that?

Take charge of your financial future!

Be responsible for your own success.

Login to your member area, on TOP MENU click on TRAINING, do what it says to do for each lesson and progress through the training.

Those people (hopefully you) who follow the training and apply the skills,  make sales, it’s that simple.   

—-> If you are reading this and not a Worldprofit member, join over  two million people worldwide who already are at http://www.worldprofitassociates.com
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