Worldprofit congratulates Top 20 Sellers for March 2014.

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Congratulations to the following Worldprofit Top 20 Sellers for March!

Your consistent promotion is paying off!

Your focus and determination is showing results!

Your NEVER give up attitude is putting money in your pocket!

1.  Linda Elze (Platinum VIP) 
2.  Robert Janeczko    (Platinum VIP) 
3.  Howard Martell  (Platinum VIP) 
4.  Lance Sumner  (Platinum VIP)   
5.  Pam Sudo  (Platinum VIP) 
6.  Tom Crozier (Platinum VIP)   
7.  Anthony Slate  (Platinum VIP)   
8.  Centra Lambert  (Platinum VIP)   
9.  Leo Laurent  (Platinum VIP)   
10.  Ralph Ginnson  (Platinum VIP)   
11.  Alice Boyer  (Platinum VIP)   
12.  Bruno Duarte  (Platinum VIP)  
13.  Dori ONeill  (Platinum VIP)   
14.  Garrett L Hutsko  (Platinum VIP) 
15.  Garry Smith  (Platinum VIP)   
16.  John Covault  (Platinum VIP)  
17.  Knut Petter Nor  (Platinum VIP)  
18.  Lance White  (Silver Member)
19.  Lawrence Rinke  (Platinum VIP)  
20.  LAWRENCE TAFFARO  (Platinum VIP) 

If your name is not on the list you CAN be!

Here’s what to do! 

Login to your Worldprofit Member area and start the home business bootcamp training by George Kosch.

Every person on that Top Sellers list started just like you, a wide-eyed Silver Member on DAY 1, Lesson 1.

The sales leaders focus on the training, they dig in, they promote, they never give up.  

We teach you what to do and provide the resources you need to make consistent sales.

Remember! You also have Worldprofit’s MONITORS ready 24 hours a day to try and convert your referrals to sales.

Are you ready to get to work to start putting money in your pocket?

In your Member area on TOP MENU click on TRAINING. Progress through the lessons.

Need help? 

Worldprofit’s Support Team is here 7 days a week  for YOU – just submit a Support form.
The link is on the TOP Menu of your Member area, click on Support. 

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