YOU’RE DOING IT ALL WRONG! George Kosch told him….

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"YOU’RE DOING IT ALL WRONG!"    George told him….

It was a Monday morning shocker.

The reason… a Support ticket we received from a Worldprofit Member who has been with us for 6 months.

   He told us, he had been promoting his webpage only. (We gasped!)

  He told us, he had bought some paid leads, 4,000 to be exact. All were bogus.  (NO! We screamed silently!)

  He told us, he had bought an expensive SEO campaign. (It can’t be true!)

  He told us, he had bought a pricey $4500 course from a well known guru. (WHY???? We gasped!)

  He told us, he hadn’t signed up one Associate in 6 months.  (We started to tear up…)

  He asked us what he was doing wrong as he had not made ANY sales.  (Hooray! We can HELP him, he’s asking for help!)

George Kosch personally handled the Support ticket and broke it to this person….


George then gave him specific suggestions about what he SHOULD be doing.

If you recognize your own similar actions in this story, you need to LISTEN UP!  

This is what you SHOULD be doing to so you don’t waste time and money when you could be EARNING money.

1. If you haven’t watched the TWO videos for Beginner’s – do so.
In your Member area on TOP MENU, select TRAINING.

2. If you aren’t generating free Associate signups consistently watch those TWO videos – AGAIN.
You are missing something.  It’s EASY if you follow the training and it’s the KEY to making money!

3. If you have watched those videos and are progressing through the levels of the bootcamp – GREAT!
You can see the Bootcamp Lessons on the LEFT MENU under HOME BUSINESS BOOTCAMP (there’s over 80) .

4. Promote the LANDING PAGES (ad examples) as often as you can. Everyday is best, but if you can’t, promote as often as you can.

5. Where do you promote? Safelists and Exchanges. We have a list in your Member area but you don’t have to limit yourself to those!
Use any Safelist you like that has a significant membership (5,000 members and up is a good starting point)

6. Attend the LIVE Home Business Bootcamp Training offered EVERY FRIDAY by George Kosch. Get your questions answered, get demonstrations.
Get maximum value from ALL the resources at your fingertips.   These sessions are also recorded and posted to the TRAINING section of your Member area.    

7. If you are stuck, submit a Support form so we can help you.
The link to do so is on the TOP MENU in your Worldprofit Member area, click on SUPPORT.
We’re here 7 days a week, 365 days a year to HELP you.

Be a marketer!
Be your own success story!
Be committed to actually DOING Worldprofit’s training!
Be one of the Worldprofit Members who gets a commission check EVERY MONTH!

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