Worldprofit Dealer Profile: John Covault, 98 years young!

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By Sandi Hunter

Worldprofit is proud to have Dealers from all over the world, from all walks of life and of ALL ages!

It’s my honour to introduce you to Worldprofit’s oldest and wisest Dealer, Mr. John Covault.

When we found out John’s age, we were blown away by his commitment to building his online business!
John and his family have been active members in Worldprofit’s home business community over the years, but it was just recently that we learned John wasn’t your average bear.

I asked John…

" John, we just heard through the grapevine that you are 98 years old!  You don’t know how many people we hear from that tell us they are too old to do an online business, or they offer some other excuse for not learning and succeeding.  Do you have any comment on that? About your experiences, or journey to get where you are today?"

John told us…

"Sandi I am 98 years old I will be 99 on March 7 . I was born March 7 1915 in Los Angles, Calif. My son Rev John was a Worldprofit Dealer here he passed Nov 24 2013 also my Grandson Stephen Covault he was a dealer also of course. Anyway I had watched Worldprofit for years and helped them when I could.  I would do the safe lists and other things for them. It was then I had seen how it was helping my mind having something to keep it working. Anyway I praise the Lord for You,  Dr. Lant And George.  Thank You Keep Up The Great Work And A Very Long Life To The Three Of You."

John also shared some of the personal obstacles he’s had over his lifetime and it sounds like there have been many.  One thing is certain, through good times and bad times, John has a sense of purpose and a strong mind.   He was born in an era when the belief was what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.  John’s grit is shown in this statement, " You only live till you die. Worldprofit does take my mind off all this. You should not let sickness take over a life."

John, we need more people like you in this world. Kind, generous, focused and determined.  Meeting life’s challenges head on, rolling up your sleeves and just getting to what needs to be done.

We look forward to wishing YOU a HAPPY 99th on March 7th!

Till then, all the best. Keep your chin up my friend. God Bless.

Sandi Hunter
George Kosch
Dr. Jeffrey Lant

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