Review: Worldprofit’s Home Business Bootcamp Training Jan 31, 2014 with Instructor George Kosch.

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Home Business Bootcamp Instructor, George Kosch started the training by sharing an technical support ticket from a Silver Member asking for help. She stated what kind of promotion she was doing and was asking why she wasn’t getting the results expected. He then went through a demonstration for the benefit of ALL members, showing exactly why this person is not seeing results and provided a comparison to what does work.

George Kosch offered an example from when he was a Jet Pilot Instructor in the Canadian Armed Forces. "The students that failed every time are the ones that simply could not accept error. If you don’t accept error and effect change, you can’t move forward."

Think about this in terms of your online business. If you’re not getting results, accept that you have done something wrong. If you’re not generating Associate sign ups (leads) every day then you are doing something incorrect. The training teaches you how, and provides the resources to do so. If you THINK you are applying the training and aren’t getting results go back and see where you have gone wrong. Accept your error so you can correct and move ahead.

Here’s help to get out of the NO-RESULTS slump.

1. Watch the 2 Videos for Beginners (watch them again if you have already watched them. Something has not sunk in).

2. Write down where you are posting the ad examples. (not your website, the landing pages)

3. Check your Ad Tracker for your results. After reviewing the training think about where you have gone off track.

Diagram: For the benefit of new Members, George presented a bubble chart overview of Worldprofit’s Home Business Training and how all the resources, and elements link together to help you build your online business.

In our 20 years of training people how to build an online business online, we noticed that new members tend to follow one of two paths.

Path 1. They fiddle with their site, they skip the videos for beginners and race forward in the training. They blog articles and keep busy with this and that but they never do the PROMOTION! They go hard for a few days, don’t see instant results then take 2 weeks off moving on to the next thing.  Without consistent promotion in the right places you don’t generate leads, and you don’t build your list. No leads, no list means NO money. If you ask them how many Associates they have signed up they either don’t have an answer or the answer is NONE or very few.

Path 2. They follow the steps of the bootcamp, take their time, digest the material, and take notes. They learn how to use the ad examples and promote them to the Safelists and Exchanges. They understand that the only way to make money online – no matter what you are selling is by directly promoting to continually generate leads and build your email marketing list. If you ask them how may Associates they have they instantly have an answer. Ask them what a list is and why it’s important and they know that too. If they make a mistake they don’t give up they try again or make changes as required.  These are the people who will grow their successful online business. They are realistic in attitude knowing that results don’t come over night. It takes time to learn the material, then consistent ongoing effort to apply the skills, then add in some patience and belief in yourself.

Which path are you going to take?

Topic: Facebook Marketing

George spent some time talking about Facebook marketing with suggestions for how to maximize your Facebook account and connections.

-Branding yourself

-Importance of tying your Aweber or Get Response into your Facebook account

-Why you should add your YouTube Video Channel Creating Groups

-Importance of joining key groups and connecting with the right people


George then offered a teaser and revealed how he made $100 from just a few promos. He shares what he did so you can too!


George Kosch wrapped things up with a sneak peak at a new service he is working on exclusively for Worldprofit members. It’s a system that will allow Members to save enormous amounts of time with more efficient credit earnings when using Safelists.

In concluding George THANKED the Monitors for committing their time to our Home Business Community and offered CONGRATULATIONS to everyone on the Top Sellers list. January is a tough month for sales, but you are working hard and seeing results.

The recording of the LIVE Home Business Bootcamp with George Kosch will be posted within 24 hours to your Worldprofit Member area in the TRAINING section.

Next LIVE home business Bootcamp is Friday Feb 7th, 2014.