Review of LIVE Home Business Bootcamp with George Kosch Dec 27, 2013 from the online home business experts at Worldprofit

George Kosch welcomed participants to Worldprofit’s last home business training session of 2013.

George opened with remarks noting the passing of Michael Pachuta. Michael was a long time Member of Worldprofit’s home business community, he volunteered many hours as a Monitor. His unique sense of humour endeared him to so many of us. Our hearts are heavy at news of his loss, he will be missed. A special memorial to honour Michael’s life will be hosted by Dr. Jeffrey Lant and held after the holidays. Date and time to be announced. 

After a brief pause, George  proceeded with the training segments.

Topics included:

Social Media marketing
List Building
Video marketing
Video Blogs (new Worldprofit service)
Article Marketing
Tracking your Ad Results (Worldprofit’s Ad Tracker tool)
JV Zoo
Communication with CONFIRMATION

What’s New!

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Questions and comments were encouraged during the training, here is a sampling, watch the recorded version for the answers and context of comments.

– I am not getting any signups. What am I doing wrong?
– Are the items in the Worldprofit Goody Bag free for Silver and Platinum VIP Members?
– Is the Ultimate Pack free to all Members?
– Is there an average number of clicks per day needed to secure associates?
– I am a silver member and I have been advertising as your teaching tells us since I started a week ago… spending hours (6 – 10 a day) learning and advertizing and have not recruited  one person. Im using all the sites suggested and all the ads available to me. Am I doing something wrong or is this expected at first?.
– With jvzoo i tied by paypal account but could not see any sale coming from there. please help
– Should you merge your social media from your past or redo it here and abandon your old stuff
– What about the recomended products  that are recommended in the boot camp?
– i have hundreds of safelists i advertise too
– I wasn’t encorporating my aweber type account and thus not building my list
– buy swaps solos via my comissions
– Become a monitor to get a downline!!
– Good advise Mark . I called Dr. Lant Jeff one day .
– At first I was selling products until I started the bootcamp lessons. then I started promoting the landing pages. I made the beginers mistake but corrected it.
– i have joined new safelists each week and buy lifetime memberships cheap sometimes
-Restarted my bootcamp lessons to get back on track
-I’m doing my promotions
– How do You get a new dealer to see the big picture so they don’t quit after 1 month?
– The monitor at LBC becomes quite busy at times, and you cannot get to the person before they get frustrated and leave is there a way you can create an alternate 2nd identicle Live Business Center like an express lane at Walmart to answer questions for someone who doesn’t want to wait?

In closing we thank you to ALL our members around the world for your support this last year.  George Kosch presented 51 LIVE training sessions in 2013. That’s over 100 hours of interactive, step by step training that Worldprofit Members have enjoyed over the last 12 months. Thank you to all who have participated in the training either by attending, or watching the recorded sessions. We look forward to continuing to provide specialized, expert training, support and resources to our Members in 2014.

The recording of the training will be posted to the TRAINING section of the member area within 24 hours.

Worldprofit’s Home Business Video Library

The next LIVE training session, the FIRST workshop of 2014, is Friday January 3rd.


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