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Bryan Byrd
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Peter Junker
Tommie Jennings
Kevin Deadder
Mae Lucio
Pam Sudo
Diana De Conno

Congratulations on your smart business decision and taking advantage of the savings during our upgrade offer!

We have now successfully upgraded your accounts, added in your additional traffic, software and incentives.  You can login to enjoy your VIP services and higher commission rate.
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Generating Leads and Traffic to ANY Website or ANY Business

A number of Worldprofit Members are involved in more than one affiliate program, or are promoting multiple opportunities as well as the Worldprofit products and services.

Your member area has a ton of resources you may not even be aware of, so pay close attention so you don’t miss out any of the valuable inclusions in your Membership.

On the left menu under ADVERTISING/ TRAFFIC look for the following links and resources:

20+ Income Streams (Recommended free Safelists and Traffic Exchanges)
-Traffic Injections (you get monthly traffic injections as a Silver or Platinum VIP Member!)

Great Ad Sources (recommended low cost paid advertising options)

Ad Examples (landing pages) you can use to sign up Associates and build your list

Ad Pop Ups (increase your sign ups)

Free Ads Section

FastTrack Visitors  (no time to place your own ads? Join our paid ad-co-op) 

Solo Ads (Membership has its privileges, send out free SOLO ADS for whatever you are promoting)

-Recommended paid sites and resources for advertising and list building.
We have compiled a list of recommended vendors and trusted sources for paid advertising.

-List Builder Landing Pages (free for all Worldprofit Silver and Platinum VIP Members)
These landing pages give away PLR eBooks on a variety of subjects to build your list fast. Under Ad Examples above be sure to enter your aWeber, getResponse lists, and of course you know your newsletter system with your Silver/Platinum VIP membership is built in already. These landing pages ALSO bring in fresh Associates to help build your Worldprofit business. Enjoy!!

Worldprofit Marketplace
On the left menu in your member area, look under WORLDPROFIT MARKETPLACE
-post any and all your programs products, services, affiliate referral links etc.  

Newsletter Service
Got something you want to promote? Send out a newsletter!
– On left menu, look under NEWSLETTER. Use our copy, or use your own custom copy and press send.

Ebook Rebrander
EASILY build an ebook to generate leads with one click, look under ARTICLE/EBOOK Marketing. Watch the video so you see how powerful this is.

Prospect Manager
Send out a promotion to all your prospects in your Prospect Manager! 
– On left menu, look under PROSPECT MANAGER. send out an offer or promotion to everyone in your Prospect Manager using your PROSPECT EMAILER.

Solo Email Blaster
Use our SOLO EMAIL BLASTER and send out to 30,000 people on our member list – up to 150,000 emails per month!
-On left menu in your Member area, select SOLO BLASTER to 30,000 link then click on emailBlaster program  

Promo Codes
On a tight budget? In addition to the free and low cost options suggested above, you can also use the PROMO CODES.
-We’ve made deals with other vendors who allow our members to use a special promo code to receive free advertising! Sweet!
-On the top menu, on the TOP LINE of that menu, select PROMO CODES.

We top all that off with our LIVE interactive weekly training with marketing expert George Kosch.

…and much more. Spend some time in your Member area get to know all the valuable services at your fingertips.


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