The # 1 Advertising Mistake. Are you doing this?

Are you advertising but getting frustrated with no or few results? Feel like you are doing everything right but no results?

It could be that you are not advertising in the right places to target your market and get a response.

Not all advertising sites are equal. Some offer you credits, some offer you hits, some offer you views, some offer solo ads, some offer pay per click. Some ads are free, some you have to pay for.

How do you know where to advertise to get the best results?

For the newbie it can be very frustrating, time consuming and EXPENSIVE if you don’t know what you are doing.

The #1 Advertising Mistake is made by Members not advertising at the sites we have tested and we recommend in your Worldprofit Member area .

At Worldprofit, we have TESTED several advertising sites then listed in your Member area those we found to be the most responsive and least expensive (many are even free).  We have over 50 places listed in your member area and we add new ones as we test for results. We’ve also tested the ads, and the landing pages we provide for you.

You can find our Recommendations in your Member area, on left menu click on "ADVERTISING/TRAFFIC" then on "20+ Income Streams". There you will find our list of the best safelists and traffic exchanges to promote the Landing Pages for Associate sign ups as well as the ClickBank, Money Maker, Fast Cash  and Reseller products.

Here are a few advertising tips to help you out as well.

1. As a general rule PAID advertising produces better results than free advertising.  The sites we have listed in your Member area are sites that we recommend for both FREE and PAID ads. If your budget is small do free ads, as you can integrate some paid advertising too.

2. Pay attention to two things when you get your leads from your advertising. First make sure the leads are from countries like USA, Canada, and Europe for best responses to your offers. Secondly be sure to check the IP’s (if provided) with the sign ups. The IP addresses should be UNIQUE, if they are all the same IP, chances are that the sign ups are being generated from a computer not an actual person. Be wary of leads that come in with a “pattern” meaning they all have the same type of name, place of origin, or odd characters in the name fields.

3.  Advertise  DAILY! Promote! Promote! Promote! Do this at a number of sites, exchanges, safelists, blogs, forums, classifieds, social networking sites, and newsletters. When it comes to promotion, your job is never done.

4. Use your Ad Tracker Tool. It’s FREE for all Worldprofit Silver and Platinum Members. Advertise then look at your Ad Tracker to monitor your results. It’s an INSTANT way to see if what you are doing is working or not.

Advertising Hint:  Have you noticed that Coca Cola, Microsoft, Wal-Mart, Apple and other companies are always running ads and promotions? Guess what? You as an online marketer must do the same!  Promote every single day as many ways as you can. Think this is a lot of work? You are right it is but if you use the strategies and tools we teach you in the Bootcamp it can be easier and faster. Watch the next live Bootcamp Training to learn EXACTLY how. If you aren’t attending the training you are missing out BIG TIME!  The training is every week and we focus on promotion. What to promote, how to promote where to promote.    The next LIVE training with marketing expert George Kosch is FRIDAY NOVEMBER 15th, 2013. Bring your questions, get demos, and step by step instructions on what you need to do to earn online.


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