Patrice Porter shares what she does to build her online home based business. You can too!


We’ve been interviewing our most active Worldprofit Dealers and it should come as no surprise that the ONE thing they ALL do without fail is: PROMOTION.

Below, Platinum VIP Member, PATRICE PORTER shares her "SECRETS" to building her online business.

THANK YOU PATRICE for sharing your expertise for the benefit of all Members of our Worldprofit Home Business Community.

Question: Patrice, how long have you been an online marketer, or working to build your own online business?

Answer: I’ve been working part time at internet marketing for about 4 years.

Question: Patrice, can you tell us how much time you spend promoting to build your business?

Answer: I work part time as an educational associate at the schools so days I’m working I work a couple of hours and when I’m not at the school I work about 4 hours per day on my online business

Question: Patrice, what kind of promotion do you do? Free? Paid? Both? Any recommendations about what has worked for you?

Answer: I do both. I’ve bought some upgrade in some safelist and traffic exchanges especially if I can get a lifetime upgrade. I’ve bought some Facebook ads for my Gardening Consultant online business.

Question: Patrice, which Worldprofit services do you find the most useful in building your online business?

The training we get a Worldprofit and the "nudge factor" from Dr. Lant – getting me out of my comfort zone, past my excuses and down to doing daily promotions. It’s hard to narrow it down to any one service for it’s a combination of them all.

Question: Patrice, what advise or suggestions do you have for someone very new to Worldprofit who is eager to build their online business?

Answer: Concentrate on George Kosch’s Home Business Bootcamp training then once you have the basics down train with Dr. Lant in the monitor program. He’ll take you farther then you ever thought you could go and really develop your marketing skills.

Patrice, anything else you would like to add that would help people get excited about what IS possible within Worldprofit’s earn-at-home training program?

Answer: With Worldprofit’s uniqueness, consistency, and caliber of the partners here, it is something you won’t find elsewhere on the net so jump in and partake of this wonderful opportunity to the fullest. You’ll be much better for it.

Patrice Porter
Entrepreneur from Saskatchewan, Canada

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