Congratulations Linda Elze on being Worldprofit`s TOP SELLER for month of October!

It`s often said if you want to achieve a goal, find someone who has achieved it, then do what they do!

So let`s look no farther than our own Sales Champion Linda Elze and ask her what she does to achieve consistent sales in her online business.

Question: Linda, can you tell us what kind of promotion you do?

Answer: I do much more free stuff than paid advertising. One specific thing that is so awesome about Worldprofit is the multiple streams of income included in the memberships. I have safelists that let me have free memberships because of the downline I have…again due to Worldprofit. I also get multiple sends from them so I will promote the safelists that I like the most with my overflow. I get commissions from those so free systems generate more free advertising. What is so cool is they pay on the 1st of month…and Worldprofit pays on the 15th. George Kosch teaches how to build a list, and that is a key factor that a number of people never grasp. Understanding how to build my own email marketing list has been critical to my own success.

Question: Linda, what keeps you motivated as a Worldprofit Dealer?

Answer: The reason I am always the Number 1 Seller is because I love Worldprofit. Absolutely love it. And I blame George Kosch, Sandi Hunter and Dr. Lant for that. I focus totally on Worldprofit. People come in and they only want to beat me. But then they scatter doing other stuff and pretty soon are a forgotten name. I ALWAYS…focus on Worldprofit.   If you want to simplify the reason I am #1…just say I believe EVERYONE should be in Worldprofit, it’s that great of a program – and I`ve seen them all.

Question: Linda, can you comment on the unique community spirit at Worldprofit?

Answer: I give back…I love helping people and I love making sales for others as a Worldprofit Monitor. I work 7 days a week…promoting, helping, urging associates to upgrade…looking for new sources, blogging, trying new stuff…. I have often said, you must LOVE the offer. Worldprofit has an incredible offer for people with training, resources, software, and support 7 days a week, there is simply nothing else out there like this company. I feel good telling people about something great and helping others change their own financial situation.

Thank you Linda for sharing your comments with our Worldprofit Home Business community and once again CONGRATULATIONS!
You are one hard worker, an inspirational role model, and a generous and sincere person.

NOTE: We have recorded a video of Linda Elze sharing what she does daily to make sales. You will find it in your Worldprofit Member area, on the TOP MENU select TRAINING then scroll down the page to see it.


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