Review: Home Business Bootcamp Training with George Kosch, Friday Oct 18th, 2013.

George Kosch, bootcamp instructor, welcomed participants to Worldprofit’s Home Business Bootcamp.

Theme of today’s training: Promotion.

Many people new to online marketing, don’t understand how much promotion is required to make sales.
Newbies are not sure where to promote, what to promote, how often, and are unsure how to recognize good sources of advertising.
George Kosch covered these topics directing  Members to the resources and sections of the Member area that will help you understand online marketing as well as the tools to actually DO the promotion.
George demonstrated how to see ALL the bootcamp lessons, to zero in on specific marketing and learning topics. Currently there are 80 lessons plans, many with videos to help you understand important concepts or instruction on software. 

What’s New.

A new service has been added to the Recommended Traffic Exchange Programs called:  BUILD MY DOWNLINES.

Also recommended, discussed and demonstrated, IBO ToolBox.

Demonstrated Worldprofit Service

The Universal Bonus Builder was released this week.
This software allows you to give away FREE ad packages to help you close sales – in any and all your affiliate programs.
Offers are what makes sales.  Now Members can use this to do exactly that, create REAL offers with REAL Advertising to close sales.
This software, developed by George Kosch is valued at nearly $2,000 and is FREE to all Worldprofit Silver and Platinum VIP members.

Suggestions to help your understanding:

1. Watch the Videos created just for Beginners, there are two of them located under the TRAINING section in your Worldprofit Member area.
2. Watch the video of Linda Elze, Top seller, explain what she does to make consistent sales. Quite revealing, and worth watching! The video is located under the TRAINING section in your Member area. You will need to scroll down the page to see it.
3. Dig into the Bootcamp Training lessons. Be realistic and realize it takes time and consistent effort to build a successful online business.

What’s coming!

We are working on several new landing pages with embedded video – watch for these in the next few weeks.
Also, in development, a unique Landing Page Builder that allows you incredible customization features. Details in coming weeks.
Also in the works,integrations for Share it, Google Hangouts, and Facebook.

Summary: The recording of the LIVE Home Business Bootcamp was recorded and will be posted within 48 hours to the Worldprofit Member area, training section.

Worldprofit’s next LIVE Home Business Bootcamp presented by George Kosch is Friday Oct 25th, 2013 at 8 AM CT.

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