Customer Review on George Kosch, and Worldprofit’s earn at home training program

George Kosch was blushing this morning, after receiving some much appreciated praise dished up by Richard Moyer.

"My compliments to George.  I had made a suggestion to create an export of the Ad Tracker data so that I could do some analysis using Excel.   Within a very short time, George had implemented not only a CSV Export, but also an export to a Text file and Microsoft Word.

Once I got that data and looked at it in Excel with some quick pivot tables and statistical analysis (after all, I am the ExcelVBAWizard!),  THAT’s DATA!!!  THIS IS THE INFORMATION ONE NEEDS TO BE ABLE TO ANALYZE THEIR ADVERTISING RESULTS!!!

Thank you, thank you, thank you George.  

I state this publicly, in my blogs, in emails, in my ads for Worldprofit, that you, George are my HERO. I’m in awe of the amazing stuff you have put out there FOR MEMBERS TO USE, FREE OF CHARGE!  Worldprofit members have no idea about how valuable the things you have done for them are. 

The Worldprofit stuff is GREAT. You are right up there with the Microsoft Excel MVP’s in my book.

I’m a tool geek and have built lots of applications and tools myself.  Before I retired the first and second times, I had hundreds of solutions that I shared with my respective organizations that are tied up in NDA’s, so when I opened my consulting firm, I started with a clean slate.  The genesis was my first blog, which has evolved to the Netpreneur Blog, and has a whole section on Tips and Techniques, and Tutorials. Many of those articles were suggestions from my clients, or my own need to solve a particular problem.   Or sometimes, it’s just, "there has to be an easier way".

Many people do not realize the work that goes into creating this stuff. And not too many people stop to say THANKS. Well, George, I do on both counts. Thanks."

Rich Moyer

Rich Moyer is Managing Partner and Principal Consultant (retired) of Spaho Consulting, LLC who brings you Life Balance Network, Life Balance Lifestyle Network, and Netpreneur Network

THANK YOU Richard Moyer for your very kind words!

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FRIDAY October 18th, 2013 at 8 AM CT is LIVE training day with Worldprofit’s Bootcamp Instructor George Kosch.

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