The 7 numbers that ensure business sales, profits, and wealth. I’ll tell you the secret… but I bet you won’t use it! Yet you SAY you want to make money. Pshaw!

by Dr. Jeffrey Lant.

Author’s program note. It’s far too early in the morning for me to be up and  at ’em like I am. But I’m on a rescue mission, yeah, a real Florence Nightingale.  I’m about nothing less than saving your bacon by sharing — and in every particular — one absolutely crucial piece of advice; advice that spells the difference between  just getting by in your business, profits scarce and spotty and making M-O-N-E-Y!

Let me ask you a question, and ask it in all seriousness. Do you REALLY want  a business that makes you money EVERY SINGLE DAY? I know you. At this point  in the drama, you’re going to tell me — because you might actually believe — that  you are doing every single thing  you can do to get people to call you. And because  you believe this and actually believe that you are already doing it, that you don’t  need to do another thing.

I’m here to tell you different, and the extent to which you "get" what I’m revealing  here is the extent to which you make money.

Let’s start by looking at the marketing documents you’ve got now for therein lies  the problem… AND the solution.

You want customers… but you aren’t doing everything on Earth to get them to  call you… amazing!

It’s time to take a good close look at the marketing documents you are using  right now.

Unless you have good counter tops with plenty of clear space at the ready, it’s time  to put the ol’ kitchen table to work  — again; the venerated place from which you may  have launched the business you planned to be a glory to the world, an ever growing  financial cornucopia for your old age. Just sitting at this table again, the dreams of  Auld Lang Syne rising ineluctably to the surface, may be a jolt, especially if the big  dreams of yesterday have generated nothing more than the puny results of today.  Let’s take a look…

It’s time to drag out every single marketing document you’re using, developing, or  planning to use. It’s time you put each one under a microscope and take a real good  look-see at precisely what marketing you’re doing… not merely what you think you’re  doing. Be prepared for the shock of your life. Get a good strong chair and the smelling  salts you’re sure to need… and maybe a friend or two or three with palmetto fans and  balm for your ego, about to be severely bruised. Ready? Then let’s get going on  your hunting and gathering expedition.

List every single form of marketing you are currently using offline… and on; that is  brochures, Yellow Pages ads, anything you mail, package stuffers, match book covers,  media releases, catalogs, articles and books, messages on envelopes… get the  picture? This phase of Operation Profit is going to take a while because you have  never, ever done this;  thereby depriving you of seeing — in one place — every single  thing you are using and PAYING FOR to generate more business and generate it NOW.

Look closely, breathe deeply.

The first thing to consider after you’ve artfully arranged every single marketing document  you’re using in front of you is this sobering thought: you have spent a ton of money on  this stuff. But is it working; is it, that is, making you money? At this crucial moment in  your affaires, you cannot afford to THINK. Instead, you must KNOW. You must be  stern, unyielding, absolutely 100% focused on what you’re spending… and what you’re  getting; an accounting which will very likely make you most glum and chagrined indeed.  That’s a shame… but you cannot advance without this critical analysis. You cannot  afford to be a sissy now, and that’s a fact.

The close scrutiny that can  pay off big time IF you learn from it and make all the  necessary changes — FAST!

First, does every single marketing communication include your name, address,  email address, URL, AND phone number? Remember this: your marketing  communications are only as good, as useful, and as remunerative as they should  be IF and ONLY IF they contain COMPLETE follow-up details. If they don’t, then  you won’t get the #1 thing you want: BUSINESS.

But merely including this crucial information isn’t enough, not by a long shot. Rather,  you must give your prospects a reason to CALL YOU RIGHT NOW, not a day from  now, not an hour from now but RIGHT THIS MINUTE. And for this to happen, you  must give your prospects a reason to call NOW, immediately, at once, no  excuses  whatsoever, no excuses at all.

Have you provided this absolutely essential sine qua non of successful business,  or have you rather presumed that your customers would know what to do and do it,  thereby placing the burden for action on the customer, rather than where it must be:  ON YOU!

Now for the meat and potatoes of what makes you, yes YOU, such a rotten  marketer: You haven’t MOTIVATED and ASKED the prospect to call you. You  haven’t  given her a reason to call you NOW! Instead you sat back confident, obstinate,  stubborn in your blind smug assurance that THEY should call YOU without a reason,  an offer, even an invitation; celestial know-it-all that you are instead of doing what is  necessary, what is mandatory to get these all-important beings, the fountain of wealth  to call you NOW, this very minute.

Look at the panoply of marketing communications before you, the communications  on which you’re betting the ranch. Does any one, even a single one, open with  an offer, any benefit at all, for picking up the phone AT ONCE so that you can use  your magic to make them better off and make yourself more money? Even a single  one?

The plain, honest and horrifying truth is that you are sending out thousands, hundreds  of thousand and over your business career, MILLIONS of marketing communications  that aren’t delivering the customers you must have to get rich. And it’s all your fault…

No call to action. No benefit to call about. No business. No wonder!

Here’s what you need to do… so that motivated prospects call you… 24/7/365,  a wide world of prospects, clambering for the benefits that you, YOU, can deliver,  you lucky dog.

Brainstorm motivating language, test, re-write, test again, then dance ’cause. cuz’,  you are (finally) doing it right.

Try this: "FREE consultation ($150 value). Expert shows you how to make money  online. Call (phone number) 24/7 NOW! Profit today!"

Now the acid test. Does even one of your marketing communications open  with an offer like this? No? Not even one? Well, then, what you’re saying is  this, "I want your business. I want your money. But I’ll do as little as possible  to get it." Wow, what a charmer you are, you are, what a wonderful charmer  you are –  not! Under the circumstances, with you doing so little to get your  prospects to respond, it is hardly surprising that they don’t.

Cut your throat, or cut your losses and PROFIT. Your choice.

Having read this article, you now have two choices. Continue along the road  you’re now on, the road featuring maximum hubris with minimal results. Or  the straight and sure highway to profits, more profits, and predictable wealth.  You’ll tell me, of course, you’ll take remunerative option 2, but we both know  you, don’t we? You’ll say you’ll do better; you’ll actually mean it, for a day or  two. Then back to the same ol’ same ol’, doing more of what has returned so  little.

But at least one of you will heed my strict and certain admonitions, and you’ll  get rich, really rich. Thus for you I have that indefatigable energy machine, James  Brown and his anthem for people who love money and, with my help, are well  on their way to getting it…. "I Feel Good."

Find it in any search engine now (recorded 1965) . Play it loud and proud….

"Whoa-oa-oa. I feel good, I knew that I would, now.  I feel good, I knew that I would, now  So good, so good, I got you."

And that, cuz’, is nothing but the glorious truth. Yeah!

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