Create your own eBook Covers, Headers, Banners and more! No need for a designer– super easy! Here’s how!

Worldprofit’s home business bootcamp instructor, George Kosch has been looking for some time for a super-easy to use graphics design program for his own use as well as that of our Members.

Anyone who has seen the price of Adobe Photoshop has likely fallen over at the high cost not to mention the STEEP learning curve and time required to learn how to even start using it. It’s just too much power and cost for the needs of the home business or affiliate marketer. 

So when George found this new product (3 of them actually) he was THRILLED and couldn’t wait to share with our Members. A lot of you have had the same issue either learning how to do the design or having to pay someone else LOTS to do it for you.

So after buying, trying and LOVING these new graphics program here’s what George Kosch has to say and here’s how Members benefit!

These are ULTRA-Easy programs to create your own…..

Instant Ebook Covers

Instant Banner Maker

Instant Header Maker

 Now, even Non techies can make professional, EYE-POPPING LOGOS, BANNERS and HEADERS and Ebook covers

– NO SOFTWARE to download or learn!

– Super Easy to use

– Super Inexpensive!

-Worldprofit Members you can purchase the product(s) for your own use, OR you can simply sell it to earn 50% commission direct to your PayPal account.
You do NOT have to buy the products to sell them!

So, now you have another source of income, something else to sell, super products that are recommended, of good value and in demand.

PSST! (I sure hope you were listening to George Kosch during the weekly home business bootcamp training when he told you the importance of list building, and having at your finger tips lots of quality products that you can sell. These products and many many more are in your Member area!)

Remember, George Kosch hand-picks what he recommends to Worldprofit Members providing you with reputable, proven tools, resources, and products to help you build your online business.

–> So here’s what you need to do now to see the DEMO VIDEOS George has created for each of these products.

In your Worldprofit Member area, on the TOP MENU, click on COOL TOOLS.

Once in that section you will see the links and the VIDEO DEMOS for:

Instant Ebook Covers
Instant Banner Maker
Instant Header Maker

Oh and one more thing… if you don’t have your own ebook content, don’t forget you have free access to over 2500 articles in the Worldprofit ARTICLE Directory AND you get the free Ebook creator software too.  It’s all in your Worldprofit Member area. So get busy!

George Kosch will be discussing this new tool in the LIVE Friday Bootcamp Training, hope to see you there, or that you will watch the recorded version.   

* * * * * *

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