Review: LIVE Home Business Bootcamp Training with George Kosch August 30, 2013. Presented by Worldprofit Inc., the online home business experts.

Bootcamp Instructor and marketing expert, George Kosch provided a review of the fundamentals of Worldprofit’s earn at home training program.
Essentially what you need to know and do to earn online using the sources, training and software provided in your Worldprofit Membership.

Questions from participants were answered throughout the training.

Latecomers to the training were assured that Worldprofit’s LIVE weekly training sessions are recorded so they can be watched when convenient.

Worldprofit resources discussed and / or demonstrated during the bootcamp training.

Advanced ad tracker
20 income streams
Associate sign up
List Building Tools
Landing pages
Promotion Strategies Ad Tracker
Reality of having a Home Business
Tax Savings available to home business owners.

Thank you to everyone who attended the LIVE Home Business Bootcamp Training.

The  time for the training is 8 AM CT and is the permanent time for the training, so mark your calendars or put an alert on your phone to remind you.

If you are not sure what time that is in your part of the world, do a Google search for a time zone converter site.

The LIVE training programs allow you to ask questions, interact with other members in our home business  community and get specific demonstrations of topics, products or resources. The recording of the Friday training is posted to your Worldprofit Member area, look on the TOP MENU in the TRAINING section. There you will find an archive of recordings with dates and topics.

Worldprofit’s next LIVE home business training session with George Kosch is Friday September 6, 2013 at 8 AM CT. We hope to see you there!

* * * * *

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George Kosch emphasizes importance of traffic in Home Business Bootcamp Training.

Today we received an email from a Member saying that "George Kosch just drones on about getting traffic in his training."

Hmmmm. Let’s take a look at this because this statement is educational, eye-opening and MIND-BOGGLING!

POINT:  Web site traffic is what generates leads and sales.

If you don’t have traffic and a steady flow of it how on earth do you make sales!

In a recent training session, George explained that building an online business is about consistency, and yes sometimes boring, repetitive  tasks like doing promotion and social networking, and doing ads. We teach you how to build your business with our proven success model, teaching you skills that can be applied to ANY business.  EVERY BUSINESS online and OFF requires ongoing promotion and traffic.    Once you learn to ride a bike, you can ride ANY bike.

Do you see the repetitive use of the key word "DOING’. 

You must DO to get results.

If you don’t DO you don’t get.

If you don’t DO the training than DO what you are taught you are not going to understand how to earn online by generating leads while building your e-marketing list.

Generating traffic is what you need to learn to DO so you can build ANY ONLINE business – not just your Worldprofit business.

If you are reading this and not understanding this, here is what you can DO to get on track.

1. Watch the VIDEO FOR BEGINNER’s located in the TRAINING section located on TOP MENU.

2. Follow the Bootcamp lessons, each lesson gives you a task to do so you can proceed to the next level.

This training teaches you…

-how the Worldprofit system works
-how you use the tools and resources and software we provide to build ANY online business
-how to generate leads
-how to build your OWN email marketing list so you can promote ANY business products, services or affiliate YOU are involved with.
-how to get sales
-how and where to promote
-what to promote
-how to earn online from multiple sources of income   

3. TRY very hard to make it to the LIVE training sessions offered by George Kosch every Friday. You can ask questions, you can get LIVE demos, you learn from George but you also learn from other Members  working hard to build their online business.   No other company provides this interactive LIVE training every Friday for nearly 2 hours. Take advantage!  If you can’t attend the LIVE events, watch the recorded versions but do watch them. The purpose of this training is to help YOU learn what you need to DO to earn online. 

* * * * * *

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Review of LIVE Home Business Bootcamp Training with George Kosch Aug 23, 2013

George’s introductory remarks welcomed participants to the LIVE training session.

This month Worldprofit introduced some OPTIONAL new services

Infographics Maker
Instant Member area
Graphic Design Programs (3) for easy self-creation of logos, headers, ebbok covers.
Easy Deal Builder

Demonstration during today’s Home Business Training: Infographic Maker

Members interested in learning more about the Graphic Design programs look in your Member area under TOP menu under COOL TOOLS. Then select Instant Header maker, Instant Ebook Covers, Instant Banner Maker. 

Members interested in learning more about the INFOGRAPHICS program look in your Member area under TOP menu under COOL TOOLS. Then select INFOGRAPHICS

George discussed the benefits of having your OWN Membership area and how you use it to generate revenue from memberships.

More information on how to get your OWN MEMBERSHIP area, are in your Member area under LEFT MENU select MONEY MAKERS then click on OWN A MEMBERSHIP SITE.

Members interested in learning more about the EASY DEAL BUILDER look in your Member area under LEFT menu under MONEY MAKERS section. Then select EASY DEAL BUILDER.

George also provided recommended for paid advertising sources.  A number of Members have been requesting sugggestions for the best low cost places to advertise so George provided this information and directed members to hopw to locate further details within your member area.

Thank you to everyone who attended the LIVE training today. We encourage your questions, comments and participation.

The Home Business Training session was recorded and will be posted to your Member area within 24 hours.

Next LIVE training is Friday Aug 30th at 8 AM CT.

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The 7 numbers that ensure business sales, profits, and wealth. I’ll tell you the secret… but I bet you won’t use it! Yet you SAY you want to make money. Pshaw!

by Dr. Jeffrey Lant.

Author’s program note. It’s far too early in the morning for me to be up and  at ’em like I am. But I’m on a rescue mission, yeah, a real Florence Nightingale.  I’m about nothing less than saving your bacon by sharing — and in every particular — one absolutely crucial piece of advice; advice that spells the difference between  just getting by in your business, profits scarce and spotty and making M-O-N-E-Y!

Let me ask you a question, and ask it in all seriousness. Do you REALLY want  a business that makes you money EVERY SINGLE DAY? I know you. At this point  in the drama, you’re going to tell me — because you might actually believe — that  you are doing every single thing  you can do to get people to call you. And because  you believe this and actually believe that you are already doing it, that you don’t  need to do another thing.

I’m here to tell you different, and the extent to which you "get" what I’m revealing  here is the extent to which you make money.

Let’s start by looking at the marketing documents you’ve got now for therein lies  the problem… AND the solution.

You want customers… but you aren’t doing everything on Earth to get them to  call you… amazing!

It’s time to take a good close look at the marketing documents you are using  right now.

Unless you have good counter tops with plenty of clear space at the ready, it’s time  to put the ol’ kitchen table to work  — again; the venerated place from which you may  have launched the business you planned to be a glory to the world, an ever growing  financial cornucopia for your old age. Just sitting at this table again, the dreams of  Auld Lang Syne rising ineluctably to the surface, may be a jolt, especially if the big  dreams of yesterday have generated nothing more than the puny results of today.  Let’s take a look…

It’s time to drag out every single marketing document you’re using, developing, or  planning to use. It’s time you put each one under a microscope and take a real good  look-see at precisely what marketing you’re doing… not merely what you think you’re  doing. Be prepared for the shock of your life. Get a good strong chair and the smelling  salts you’re sure to need… and maybe a friend or two or three with palmetto fans and  balm for your ego, about to be severely bruised. Ready? Then let’s get going on  your hunting and gathering expedition.

List every single form of marketing you are currently using offline… and on; that is  brochures, Yellow Pages ads, anything you mail, package stuffers, match book covers,  media releases, catalogs, articles and books, messages on envelopes… get the  picture? This phase of Operation Profit is going to take a while because you have  never, ever done this;  thereby depriving you of seeing — in one place — every single  thing you are using and PAYING FOR to generate more business and generate it NOW.

Look closely, breathe deeply.

The first thing to consider after you’ve artfully arranged every single marketing document  you’re using in front of you is this sobering thought: you have spent a ton of money on  this stuff. But is it working; is it, that is, making you money? At this crucial moment in  your affaires, you cannot afford to THINK. Instead, you must KNOW. You must be  stern, unyielding, absolutely 100% focused on what you’re spending… and what you’re  getting; an accounting which will very likely make you most glum and chagrined indeed.  That’s a shame… but you cannot advance without this critical analysis. You cannot  afford to be a sissy now, and that’s a fact.

The close scrutiny that can  pay off big time IF you learn from it and make all the  necessary changes — FAST!

First, does every single marketing communication include your name, address,  email address, URL, AND phone number? Remember this: your marketing  communications are only as good, as useful, and as remunerative as they should  be IF and ONLY IF they contain COMPLETE follow-up details. If they don’t, then  you won’t get the #1 thing you want: BUSINESS.

But merely including this crucial information isn’t enough, not by a long shot. Rather,  you must give your prospects a reason to CALL YOU RIGHT NOW, not a day from  now, not an hour from now but RIGHT THIS MINUTE. And for this to happen, you  must give your prospects a reason to call NOW, immediately, at once, no  excuses  whatsoever, no excuses at all.

Have you provided this absolutely essential sine qua non of successful business,  or have you rather presumed that your customers would know what to do and do it,  thereby placing the burden for action on the customer, rather than where it must be:  ON YOU!

Now for the meat and potatoes of what makes you, yes YOU, such a rotten  marketer: You haven’t MOTIVATED and ASKED the prospect to call you. You  haven’t  given her a reason to call you NOW! Instead you sat back confident, obstinate,  stubborn in your blind smug assurance that THEY should call YOU without a reason,  an offer, even an invitation; celestial know-it-all that you are instead of doing what is  necessary, what is mandatory to get these all-important beings, the fountain of wealth  to call you NOW, this very minute.

Look at the panoply of marketing communications before you, the communications  on which you’re betting the ranch. Does any one, even a single one, open with  an offer, any benefit at all, for picking up the phone AT ONCE so that you can use  your magic to make them better off and make yourself more money? Even a single  one?

The plain, honest and horrifying truth is that you are sending out thousands, hundreds  of thousand and over your business career, MILLIONS of marketing communications  that aren’t delivering the customers you must have to get rich. And it’s all your fault…

No call to action. No benefit to call about. No business. No wonder!

Here’s what you need to do… so that motivated prospects call you… 24/7/365,  a wide world of prospects, clambering for the benefits that you, YOU, can deliver,  you lucky dog.

Brainstorm motivating language, test, re-write, test again, then dance ’cause. cuz’,  you are (finally) doing it right.

Try this: "FREE consultation ($150 value). Expert shows you how to make money  online. Call (phone number) 24/7 NOW! Profit today!"

Now the acid test. Does even one of your marketing communications open  with an offer like this? No? Not even one? Well, then, what you’re saying is  this, "I want your business. I want your money. But I’ll do as little as possible  to get it." Wow, what a charmer you are, you are, what a wonderful charmer  you are –  not! Under the circumstances, with you doing so little to get your  prospects to respond, it is hardly surprising that they don’t.

Cut your throat, or cut your losses and PROFIT. Your choice.

Having read this article, you now have two choices. Continue along the road  you’re now on, the road featuring maximum hubris with minimal results. Or  the straight and sure highway to profits, more profits, and predictable wealth.  You’ll tell me, of course, you’ll take remunerative option 2, but we both know  you, don’t we? You’ll say you’ll do better; you’ll actually mean it, for a day or  two. Then back to the same ol’ same ol’, doing more of what has returned so  little.

But at least one of you will heed my strict and certain admonitions, and you’ll  get rich, really rich. Thus for you I have that indefatigable energy machine, James  Brown and his anthem for people who love money and, with my help, are well  on their way to getting it…. "I Feel Good."

Find it in any search engine now (recorded 1965) . Play it loud and proud….

"Whoa-oa-oa. I feel good, I knew that I would, now.  I feel good, I knew that I would, now  So good, so good, I got you."

And that, cuz’, is nothing but the glorious truth. Yeah!

About the Author

Harvard-educated Dr. Jeffrey Lant is the author of over a dozen print books, several ebooks and over one thousand articles on home business and a variety of other timely topics. Looking for a way to earn while you learn? Consider Worldprofit’s free Home Business program, sign up to be  a free Associate members and see how we teach you what you need to know to earn extra money from reputable online sources.
Connect with other people around the work involved with affiliate marketing and other home business programs at we have some free traffic gifts for ever new free registrant.

Customer Review of Worldprofit’s Earn at home training program

Today, we received a testimonial from Michael Harris, one of our elite Monitors and loyal Silver members. We send out a heartfelt thank you to Michael for taking the time to send in these thoughtful and much appreciated words. Here’s what Michael had to say…

" Hey all, I just had to take the time to submit a testimonial because I would be doing a great injustice to Worldprofit if I didn’t. I am just like so many others who found Worldprofit just in the nick of time or so it seems. I had been trying so hard online with no success. I have been a business builder for years so I had an great knowledge of what it takes to build a successful business. I understood it took time and dedication along with patience. I am the Overseer of our Church and we have many great programs to help as many people as we can. What caused me to begin an online business was that funding our volunteer services has an astronomical cost because we are not government funded. We feed 1000’s of people a year and with the economy in the shape it is, I had to find more funding sources to continue in our endeavors. Internet marketing was the next logical choice. And we have helped so many people in the past to succeed themselves I just knew there would be help when I needed it. Needless to say that the help wasn’t there and the support I knew would be there was not. Even in the churches we helped over the years, no support came. Now support to me is not totally financial but also providing information and resources as well. So many who were successful turned their back and others who knew what we were going through and could help, didn’t. So here I was seemingly so alone on this new endeavor understanding how to build a business but not understanding how to build an internet business and all the things I needed to be successful. Then enters Worldprofit.

When I first came in I was skeptical even though I saw all the things I knew I needed included in the membership. The first person I met was Michael P the monitor on duty. Even though I had doubts he was able help me understand this is where I needed to be. Next came Howard Martel my Sponsor. I decided to call him one day and I just couldn’t believe he talked to me for almost an hour. Not just about Worldprofit but about my concerns and what I was doing. Then I heard the voice of Wallace Johnson, our resident Astronaut, his commanding voice and directive speech reassured me that this was a good place to be. Then came George Kosch our Custom Creator,who made learning a new concept so easy. Then I met the man, Dr. Lant. I decided to try become a monitor and day after day of Dr Lant scolding and molding me really made me think I had made a dreadful decision. But one day I had the opportunity to watch Dr Lant with a young man who had a physical disability and how he so carefully handled him. I saw another side of Dr. Lant and I knew he was as sincere as sincere could get. You see he knows what it takes to be successful and he wants us to know it so bad that he will not hold back. I was amazed that this man, who had so many other things and so many other people he could have worked with, decided to take the time to help me get on the road to becoming what he knows I can be. Wow, if more people cared the way he does, I believe the world would be a better place. During my first days alone as a monitor when I would have those struggling moments as all new monitors do, a young lady would always come up or send me an encouraging word, and even help me not make the ultimate mistake of crashing the ship as I like to call it. Ms. Linda Elze, I call her my guardian angel, because she was always there when I needed someone the most. It is always reassuring even today when I see her name while I do my duties. Lisa, Mohammed, William, the list goes on and on. Sandi Hunter wrote me the most encouraging letter when I made my biggest sale and then lost it within the next hour because of a bad credit card. What I am trying to help you see is that I thought I had only bought into a great business, but to my humbling surprise, what I actually got was a family of caring people. An element in my life that I had been missing for so long. A support system system and a team who actually believes in helping one another become successful. It is sad that I couldn’t find this kind of support from my friends inside and outside the church world, but I didn’t. But I know that God works in mysterious ways. And I know it was His will that I ended up here. I finally feel at home and not alone. I can only continue to give thanks the big 3, Dr. Lant, Sandi Hunter, and George Kosch for what they have created here and for their continued work to help so many others like myself. If any of you are looking for a place or a company to be apart of, a team and a community of like minded people, this is the place to be. I pray the I will be here for years to come but none of us know what the future holds. But whether I am here for another day, week, or years to come, it doesn’t matter. Because now I know that it is possible to really be a part of a community of caring people who only want the best for you and don’t mind pressing you into where you need to be. Dr Lant, Worldprofit has helped me to become a better person. And I believe this is what God requires. God Bless You All."

Michael Harris, Virginia, USA.

* * * * * * – Home Business Training and Earn-At-Home Systems. Now entering our 20th year in business! Thank you for helping to make Worldprofit the #1 choice for online earn at home training. Get a free Associate membership at Worldprofit,

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Review of LIVE Home Business Bootcamp Training with George Kosch Aug 16, 2013

George Kosch’s introductory remarks welcomed participants to the LIVE training session.
He offered congratulations to Worldprofit’s Top Sellers so far this month for their consistent hard work and promotion.

This month Worldprofit introduced some new services

Demonstrations during today’s Home Business Training

Graphic Design programs that are easy to use for non-techies.
No software to download, the programs run in your browser.
These programs are in your Member area and you have the OPTION of
-purchasing them for your own use
-selling the products to earn 50% commission (no purchase required to sell them)

Demo of Header Maker
Demo of Ebook Cover Maker

Benefits to you:

-you can now easily create your OWN logos, banners, headers and ebook covers for your own use
-no need to hire a graphic designer any more.
-no need to learn complicated graphic design software
-OR, you can use the software to create these and SELL them to others
-OR, you can simply add these products to your growing list of available products you can sell to earn from yet another source of income.

Members interested in learning more about these Graphic Design programs look in your Member area under TOP menu under COOL TOOLS. Then select Instant Header maker, Instant Ebook Covers, Instant Banner Maker.   

Next, George demonstrated the new MEMBERSHIP PLUGIN now available to Worldprofit Members.

George discussed the benefits of having your OWN Membership area and how you use it to generate revenue from memberships.

More information on how to get your OWN MEMBERSHIP area, are in your Member area under LEFT MENU select MONEY MAKERS then click on OWN A MEMBERSHIP SITE.

Thank you to everyone who attended the LIVE training today. We encourage your questions, comments and participation.

The Home Business Training session was recorded and will be posted to your Member area within 24 hours.

Next LIVE Home Business Bootcamp training with George Kosch is Friday Aug 23rd at 8 AM CT.

* * * * * * * * *

About Worldprofit.

Worldprofit provides unique services for people who want to learn how to earn at home.  Resources include web-based training, websites, blogging, article marketing, lead generation, online marketing, webcasting, SEO, ebook creation, affiliate marketing, reseller opportunities and more. Get a free Worldprofit Associate membership and join over one million members around the world benefiting from this unique, comprehensive training.  Connect with other affiliate marketers and home business owners at Worldprofit’s Social network site.

Interview with George Kosch, co-founder of Worldprofit Inc. on the occasion of the company’s 19th Birthday

George Kosch is one of the three co-founders of home business training company Worldprofit Inc., that this month marks it’s 19th birthday.

The following in an except from an interview with George Kosch conducted Aug 14th, 2013.

George, I understand that you attended the Royal Military College in Kingston, Ontario and following that you served in the Canadian Armed Forces. Most of that time you were training to become a jet fighter pilot, and once successful, you then went on to teach others to fly jet aircraft. Can you tell us something about how your experiences in the military shaped who you are today and especially helped you build your own company, Worldprofit?

"Well, one incredibly valuable thing you learn in the military is discipline. You learn the value of not just hard work, but goal-oriented consistent hard work.  I recall during my basic training that we had to learn how to build and clean our own rifle. I can’t remember how many steps were involved exactly but I’m sure it was well over 50 steps involved with this one life-saving task. Our sergeants were tough and had high expectations for all the recruits, at one point I didn’t think I was ever going to be able to do this one task, yet alone graduate from basic training. In teaching us what to do they broke the overall goal down into several small but manageable tasks. We had to do each step over and over again until we mastered disassembling our rifle, cleaning it, then reassembling it. It took some of us longer that others but we all had to stick to it and learn – no excuses! Once we had mastered the skill, the final challenge was to do the entire rifle assembly and cleaning from start to finish BLIND-FOLDED within a set time on the stopwatch.  (Part of the grim reality in military training is that the enemy doesn’t wait for daylight to allow you to leisurely  prepare your rifle, so survival means begin able to do so quickly in pitch blackness.)  My reason for sharing this story with you is this. When we started Worldprofit back in 1994, I was fresh out of the military. The Internet was not what it is today. Much of what we did back then to build an online company meant having to be a pioneer in the industry, there was no manual of how to build an online company.    We had to learn, build and develop our own products, services and customer base.   The discipline I learned in the military gave me a "never give up" attitude about business and kept us strong and focused through good times and tough times.   You see, Worldprofit is a training company that provides website hosting, software, traffic, SEO tools, and specialized software to small and home based business owners.  Everyday was a learning experience. We had to try things, fall on our face, pick ourselves up and figure out what we needed to do to provide unique, in-demand services to our home based customer in an industry that changes daily. It was overwhelming at times.  We  lived through the dot com crashes and saw other companies going down around us. I credit my training in the military for teaching me that any problem can be solved by breaking it down into small parts, then working at it consistently to find a solution or reach a goal.  I’ve applied that thinking in my personal life to achieve success and also in my business life and the model we use at Worldprofit. I created Worldprofit’s Bootcamp years ago for our customers (Members) to break down the tasks they need to know into small achieved tasks to help them build their own online business. I know it is overwhelming when people first decide to start an online business there is so much to learn. We’ve been there.  Goal setting,  focus,  practice and repetition does not come easy to some and unless their is solid training and  support many will give up before they reach their goal.    What we’ve done at Worldprofit is break all that learning down into self-paced lesson plans covering topics including search engine optimization, website development, lead tools, traffic strategies, online marketing, blogging, article marketing, social media and more. We teach this in an online self-paced training program, complimented with LIVE interactive training that I do personally each and every week via webcast, along with offering 7 days a week of technical and marketing support for our members."

George as you, and Worldprofit enter your 20th year in business, any thoughts you would like to share on the future for online entrepreneurs?

" I think it is just going to keep getting better and better for anyone who wants to work at home and make income from home.  When we started this company many of the resources we offer now simply weren’t possible and weren’t even a realistic option for non-techies. Technology has become simpler for everyone to use and profit from.  Today our Worldprofit Members can enjoy easy-to-use and understand traffic analysis  tools,  graphic design software, lead tools, e-marketing resources, e-book creation and more.  Setting up a website even 10 years ago was tough without specific training.  Today you can have a website up and running in minutes. Blogging is both profitable and easy to do. Selling online is safe and secure for both sellers and buyers.  Creating your own e-book and selling it online now is simple when it used to be quite complicated and time consuming.  People used to look at you funny if you said you were making money online, now it is more common, but still not easy if you don’t have access to the support, resources and reputable products and services. That’s where we come in. It’s our goal at Worldprofit to continue to be the #1 choice for online home business training by providing all the best resources and tools in one place.  We know that it’s not just about having the tools, though. People need and want help, and mentoring along the way to achieve their goals and know what to do with those tools.  I owe my Sergeant in basic training  a big THANK YOU. He taught me a lot more than how to assemble and clean my rifle. He taught me the importance  of self discipline, practice, focus and goal setting; skills applicable to LIFE. Thanks Searg!"

* * * * * *

About Worldprofit.

George Kosch is the Bootcamp Instructor for Worldprofit’s popular home business training program. Worldprofit provides unique services for people who want to learn how to earn at home.  Resources include web-based training, websites, blogging, article marketing, lead generation, online marketing, webcasting, SEO, ebook creation, affiliate marketing, reseller opportunities and more. Get a free Worldprofit Associate membership and join over one million members around the world benefiting from this unique, comprehensive training.

Create your own eBook Covers, Headers, Banners and more! No need for a designer– super easy! Here’s how!

Worldprofit’s home business bootcamp instructor, George Kosch has been looking for some time for a super-easy to use graphics design program for his own use as well as that of our Members.

Anyone who has seen the price of Adobe Photoshop has likely fallen over at the high cost not to mention the STEEP learning curve and time required to learn how to even start using it. It’s just too much power and cost for the needs of the home business or affiliate marketer. 

So when George found this new product (3 of them actually) he was THRILLED and couldn’t wait to share with our Members. A lot of you have had the same issue either learning how to do the design or having to pay someone else LOTS to do it for you.

So after buying, trying and LOVING these new graphics program here’s what George Kosch has to say and here’s how Members benefit!

These are ULTRA-Easy programs to create your own…..

Instant Ebook Covers

Instant Banner Maker

Instant Header Maker

 Now, even Non techies can make professional, EYE-POPPING LOGOS, BANNERS and HEADERS and Ebook covers

– NO SOFTWARE to download or learn!

– Super Easy to use

– Super Inexpensive!

-Worldprofit Members you can purchase the product(s) for your own use, OR you can simply sell it to earn 50% commission direct to your PayPal account.
You do NOT have to buy the products to sell them!

So, now you have another source of income, something else to sell, super products that are recommended, of good value and in demand.

PSST! (I sure hope you were listening to George Kosch during the weekly home business bootcamp training when he told you the importance of list building, and having at your finger tips lots of quality products that you can sell. These products and many many more are in your Member area!)

Remember, George Kosch hand-picks what he recommends to Worldprofit Members providing you with reputable, proven tools, resources, and products to help you build your online business.

–> So here’s what you need to do now to see the DEMO VIDEOS George has created for each of these products.

In your Worldprofit Member area, on the TOP MENU, click on COOL TOOLS.

Once in that section you will see the links and the VIDEO DEMOS for:

Instant Ebook Covers
Instant Banner Maker
Instant Header Maker

Oh and one more thing… if you don’t have your own ebook content, don’t forget you have free access to over 2500 articles in the Worldprofit ARTICLE Directory AND you get the free Ebook creator software too.  It’s all in your Worldprofit Member area. So get busy!

George Kosch will be discussing this new tool in the LIVE Friday Bootcamp Training, hope to see you there, or that you will watch the recorded version.   

* * * * * *

This summer, Worldprofit turns 19!  Started on a kitchen table in 1994, Worldprofit has grown to be the #1 popular choice for online home business training. Over 1 million members worldwide enjoy the training, resources, and services geared to people who want to learn how to earn at home. Get your free Worldprofit Associate membership at

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Don’t let your Spam folder cost you money and loss of business!

I heard it again today, "I DIDN’T GET THE EMAIL."

Ok listen up folks.

If you want to make money online…
If you want to avoid missing important email notices…
if you want to avoid possible loss of business….
If you want to be professional and follow up quickly with business communication…

You need to know how to check your Spam Folder.
You need to use a RELIABLE EMAIL provider who does not filter your email, or block email or prevent you from conducting your business by marking legitimate email as spam   

YOU, and YOU alone are responsible for your business and this means being responsible for effectively managing your email.

Here’s the extent of the problem when people don’t get ALL their email.

-Some people have lost their domain names! Why? They didn’t get their expiration notice! 
-Some people have lost their memberships or services! Why? They didn’t get their payment notice!
-Some people have missed out on exclusive offers to save money! Why? They didn’t get the email!
-Some people are missing out on vital training resources! Why? They didn’t get the email!
-Some people are missing out on SALES! Why? They did not get the email from their prospect!    

Here’s what to do so this doesn’t happen to you!

-Get a Gmail account. It’s free. It’s effective. In our opinion, GMAIL is the BEST email program on the web and we back that statement up with 20 years of experience doing business online.

-Know or learn how to check your spam folder for whatever email program you are using.

-DON’T use BOXBE. You think it is helping you prevent spam, YUP it stops the spam and legitimate email as well!

-Use ONE email address for your most important communications. Then don’t forget about that address, check it OFTEN.

Spam filters and blocks are costing you money – potentially a lot of money over time. So know what to do to avoid this. Spam is a fact of life. It’s not going away, learn how to manage your business with this fact. We all hate spam but don’t let it cost you money or the loss of important business communications.

Here’s a site created by Worldprofit’s George Kosch specifically to address the problem of spam blockers.

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Worldprofit offers home business training, resources, traffic tools, search engine optimization, online earning programs, domain hosting, Cpanel accounts, word press, affiliate marketing training, blogging tools, and traffic analysis software.  Worldprofit offers a free Associate membership get yours at

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Home Business Video Training Library

Review: LIVE Home Business Bootcamp with George Kosch August 9, 2013.

This is a basic review of the LIVE training session, for the entire program and discussion watch the recorded version.

Introductory Notes:

George Kosch, bootcamp instructor welcomed members to the live weekly training session.
George reminded participants that Worldprofit’s 19th Birthday offer is on now but will expire Aug 31, 2013.
Watch your email for special offers, promotions, discounts and deals offered exclusively to Worldprofit Members that can save  you UP to 50%.

During last week’s training,  George shared the humorous story about the POTTED PLANT syndrome that effects some people and dooms their online business success. Today, he reiterated why sitting and waiting for your business to grow is not effective then outlined what you MUST do to make your business flourish.

George referred Members to the online training provided by Worldprofit. In your Worldprofit Member area are over 70 self-paced lessons on a variety of topics related to promotion, list building, sales generation, lead capture, SEO, autoresponders, landing pages, blogging for profit, ClickBank, money-making systems, article marketing, affiliate marketing, offer tools, traffic generation and more all directly related to building an online business. Many of the lessons include videos so you get access to detailed information on how to benefit and use the tools, resources and software included in your Membership as well as how to benefit from OTHER trusted online resources that we recommend.  The online training lessons are accompanied by Tech Support seven days a week, as well as LIVE weekly interactive training sessions every Friday.

Time was spent discussing promotion and lead generation, what to do and not do to get results.  Stated in its most simplest form, those who PROMOTE make SALES. Those who don’t, won’t.  ALL BUSINESSES require leads and promotion, building an online business is no different. Fortunately Worldprofit provides Members with the sales tools, list builders, advertising aids, traffic strategies, training and recommended advertising sources to to this.  


A new PLR Product has been added to your PLR Store. As a Worldprofit Silver or Platinum VIP Member you can download for personal use at NO COST, ALL 200+ PLR products in the PLR Store. If you are a Platinum VIP Member you ALSO get at no extra cost, the PLR Store and can SELL THOSE 200+ products to keep 100% of your sales.

You can find the latest PLR product in your Member area, on TOP MENU select PLR STORE/THE VAULT. Newest products added are at the top of the page.We have also loaded some banners you can use for promoting this and the other products. Find these in the BANNER PROMO KIT.   


For some time now we have been asked by our members to provide a Membership Plugin.  After doing considerable research and testing we have found one we like and it is now available for Worldprofit Members.   Having your own MEMBERSHIP site allows YOU to offer products and services for sale within a Membership meaning that people  pay to become a member of YOUR Membership service. Having your own Membership allows you to capitalize on niche marketing, your own professional skill, software,  or expertise and charge for access to your resources within a secure member site.

The membership plugin operates on a WordPress plugin platform. We will do the set up and installation for you and ALSO include a COURSE on how to PROFIT from your Membership.

Discounted Introductory cost for Worldprofit Members: $67 US.

Here’s how to find out more about the Membership Plugin . In your Member area on LEFT menu select MONEY MAKERS then click on "OWN A MEMBERSHIP SITE".

Summary: The Home Business Bootcamp Training was recorded and will be posted within 24 hours to your Worldprofit Member area under the TRAINING section located on the TOP MENU.
Next LIVE training with George Kosch, is Friday August 16, 2013.

Thank you to each of you for attending the LIVE Home Business Bootcamp Training. See you next week!

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Worldprofit started as a home based business back in 1994. Today Worldprofit has over one million members and helps people around the world build their own home based business. Get a free Worldprofit Associate membership now to see how you can benefit from this intensive training and start earning at home while you learn!