Review: July 26th LIVE Home Business Bootcamp Training with George Kosch, marketing expert at Worldprofit.

George Kosch, Bootcamp instructor for Worldprofit’s weekly earn at home training session, welcomed all members.

Theme: Are you a Business Fluffer?

George discussed the syndrome he calls The "BUSINESS FLUFFER SYNDROME". George describes this affliction as the tendency to fluff the pillows, but never actually get into the bed. In this analogy the bed is the business. The fluffing is the tendency to sniff, smell, touch, walk around,  but never actually roll up your sleeves to get IN the business and do the work to make money online.   

George described the training offered by Worldprofit as being based on proven marketing strategies. The strategies we teach you, the resources we provide, and the software you have access to can be used to promote ANY ONLINE BUSINESS. We teach you how to use these tools to promote Worldprofit services, as the model, you can then apply these marketing principles and skills to build any online business.  The key to earning online is to have access to mentoring, training and proven reputable resources so you can promote and profit from MULTIPLE  sources of income.

Considerable time was spent during the training with George Kosch talking about why list building is critical to a LONG TERM successful and PROFITABLE online business – no matter what program you are involved.   Business opportunities may come and go, change in the wind, but your best asset in building your financial future is in your email marketing list.  Your self-built email marketing list is a permanent asset you can take with you anywhere you go.   Lists generate income.  If you want to be successful online you must grasp and understand the concept of the list. Build your list, build your profits and your long term earning potential.

Now once you know what you know about the importance of the LIST, consider again the "BUSINESS FLUFFER" that George described earlier. You should see how understanding this human tendency (in yourself or in others) can benefit YOU as a list owner.  Those people who don’t want to do the work to build a business, are still buyers. They  are still prospective you can still help through the provision of OTHER products and services you offer via your email marketing list.  

Thank you to everyone who attended and participated in the Home Business Bootcamp training. Your questions help everyone learn as we share the answers with all members of the community.

A few comments from today’s training

Michael: he is Fantastic
John: You are a great teacher, thank you again George.
Dave: Great – George
howie: so many people don’t under what it truly takes to build any business its not easy
William: Keep Up The Great Training Here
John: Woh, I have real mentors I can speak with now, no EXUSES!!!
Minta: thank you George for this training

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