Review: Worldprofit’s Home Business Bootcamp Training with George Kosch July 19, 2013.

George Kosch welcomed participants to the weekly LIVE interactive home business training presented by Worldprofit Inc.
This hands-on, how-to training is included in the Silver and Platinum VIP Memberships.

George directed new Members to the 2 Videos for BEGINNERS posted in the Member area under the TRAINING section. If you are new to Worldprofit it is important that you watch these videos so you get the basics and get started on the right track. Some people come in and skip the basics then struggle or never understand the critical fundamentals of what it takes and what you need to do to build your online business. You must have realistic expectations about the work required and the results you can achieve.  There is no fluff, no hype in these videos just good-for-you info to get you started.

Some time was spent today on what NEW members should know about Associate generation, in essence, George encourages new members to let the system do the work for you as you learn how Worldprofit’s program.  Then for the more advanced marketers those members who have been with us for awhile and have grasped the basics, George offered concrete specific tasks for handling Associates, how to make offers, generating sales, effective marketing strategies.

Understanding that marketing is a numbers game, the more you promote the more your increase your sales potential. The better your offers the better the response. Your Membership includes lots and lots of ways that you can make offers – to increase response – increase sales.

Worldprofit Member Resources demonstrated / discussed during today’s training

The Ad Locker
The Link Multipler
The Offer Builder (very powerful and UNDER-USED by Members – it’s included in your membership)
The Deal Builder (under the AD EXAMPLES section in the ADVERTISING/TRAFFIC section)
The Live Business Center
Resellers Club
Squeeze Ninja (landing page builder for whatever you are selling)
Worldprofit Social – what this new service means for YOU as a Worldprofit Member and how you benefit. Set up your profile in your Member area, on top LEFT corner where your name appears, click on WP Social and follow the directions.
SEO Optimizer Pro

In the Cools Tool section
-OTO Secret Weapons  (recommended)

Safelist Exchange (Stand alone ownership) – for Advanced Marketers
How to use this optional system for a) your own promotion b) traffic generation c) leverage for making offers.

-Worldprofit’s Autoresponder
-Integrated list building on landing pages

Advertising Sources

-Safe Swaps (paid, recommended)
-Safelists (free)
-Exchanges (free)
-Promo Codes (free)

Advanced TOPIC: Site Maps and RSS Feeds
At request of a Member discussion and demonstration about:
– Content Management System (included with Silver and / Platinum VIP Membership)
– Site map creation – how to do it and why you want to
– RSS – helpful for site indexing from Search engines.

In case you missed it, here are the 10 Habits of Highly Successful Online Marketers as per George Kosch

1. Successful online marketers know that marketing must be done as consistently as possible. Marketing and promotion must be scheduled, frequent and without fail.

2. Successful online marketers know that the money is in the list and thus list building strategies MUST be integrated into all marketing campaigns.

3. Successful online marketers know that landing pages, also called squeeze pages are what will generate leads NOT a static website.

4. Successful online marketers know that you must continually seek out NEW advertising sources. Don’t stop when you find a few good sources, keep looking for new sources to expand your marketing reach.

5. Successful online marketers know that paid ads produce the best results IF the source is trusted and proven, but a combination of free and paid ads is still smart marketing.

6. Successful online marketers know that ad swaps are both cost effective and a clever way to reach your target markets.

7.  Successful online marketers know that having access to a number of quality products, services, affiliates or referral programs produce multiple streams of income is the key to generating online income.

8. Successful online marketers know that you need a reliable way to track your ads so you know exactly where you are getting results for your efforts and advertising dollars.

9. Successful online marketers know that one cannot know it all, and investing in proven-effective reputable training programs for access to software, list building techniques, and mentoring can save a lot of time, money and frustration. 

10. Successful online marketers know that it takes time to build a successful online business.


George Kosch’s LIVE training session was recorded and will be posted to the Worldprofit Member area within 24 hours to the TRAINING section. The next LIVE Bootcamp Training is Friday July 26th at 8 AM CT.

Thank you to everyone who attended and participated in the live interactive Home Business Bootcamp training session. See you next week.

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