Just one word can make you filthy rich in business. But you’re not using it and your dismal sales are the result.. What’s more, it’s your own fault.

Author’s program note. I got up and went to work at 3 a.m. today That’s not unusual for me. My company is online and live sales presentations and sales occur every minute of every day. However, what I saw absolutely horrified me and makes me wax wroth to this very minute.

Our representative was blowing a sale, absolutely tossing it away. How? By "going native", making the prospect’s case for NOT purchasing, instead of moving heaven and Earth to make that sale.

The prospect in question was from South Africa and was dishing out the usual litany of reasons why they couldn’t take action now; the Rand was weak (never mind that the Rand was always weak); the political situation was a basket-case; the whole darn shooting match was going to the devil, and that’s a fact.  Every time the prospect issued another in his lengthy list of "reasons" for his inability to act, the representative nodded his head in sage agreement; then floored me by accepting the customer’s logic… wishing him a good day as he tossed rose petals in his path and gave him milk and cookies, to enjoy throughout the live long day.

And what of the sale, the entire reason, the ONLY reason the representative was there, supposedly at the ready to improve the prospect’s life by doing EVERYTHING POSSIBLE to charm that product into the prospect’s (until now) unfulfilled and unsatisfied life? What had happened to that sale?  It was forgotten, lost within the "nicey- nice" of what passes for "business" at all too many businesses. In such circumstances the whole reason for that enterprise is forgotten… and the profit sheet stalls.

Now learn the secret so this never, ever happens to you. It’s the offer… and it’s the absolute key  to business success.

The music to soar by.

Let’s set the tone for the remainder of this article by giving you a song that’ll put you in the mood for va-va-va- voom! It’s Jackie Wilson’s 1967 "can’t keep a good person down" sparkler "Higher and Higher". No matter how low you feel when you start it, you’ll be dancing on the ceiling by the time it ends… Find it in any search engine now as we go "higher and higher" with offers that take you there.

Why offer extra?

Okay, we’re back to basics here, the real basics. You’ve got a product and like every product creator in history, you think it’s the best thing since that proverbial smart fellow sliced bread for the first time. Yeah, you’re so sure your product is the best you don’t bother to promote it; why should you, when the world needs it so and its merits are so abundantly clear, to you? Ok, so no one is buying… but that’s most assuredly a temporary phenomenon, right? Sadly, no. Nothing in the world sells itself, absolutely nothing. And until you learn this and craft offers that sell, you’ll kill your profits and make company growth not merely unlikely but down right impossible.

Creating the offer that hands you the universe.

Offers drive business because offers give people like you the necessary motivation, stimulation and desire to buy NOW, instead of deluding themselves into thinking they will come back and order later…. which is a notion certain to kill your enterprise. Tattoo this on your arm, "In marketing only one time exists: NOW, not yesterday and not tomorrow."

A good offer sells, a great offer sells more.

When do you want sales? You’re thinking, "When do I want sales? I want them now!" If this is your objective… then carefully create the offer that achieves it. Here are the steps that put you on the yellow brick road to your personal Emerald City.

1) Resolve to create the most motivating offer possible, the offer that makes the prospect buy NOW when he had absolutely no intention of buying today.

2) Put everything in that offer except the kitchen sink. No, hold that; add the kitchen sink, too.

3) Brainstorm several offers. Don’t just create one and bet the ranch. Create a half a dozen or more. See how they work.

4) Once a customer has purchased, always ask him why he decided to buy now; was there anything in particular that motivated him to act now?

5) Practice reading your offer aloud. Whenever possible offers should be read aloud to prospects. This means reading slowly, steadily, clearly. Always confirm that the customer understands the offer and make adjustments as necessary.

More tips about the offers that make you richer and richer.

6) Assign a dollar value to EVERY offer. Never leave the determination of value and worth to the prospect. That’s your job.

7) Every offer must be timed. How long is it good for? If you are presenting your offer online like we do at worldprofit.com you can be flexible depending on where the customer is located and her particular situation.

Thus if the customer has the funds available to purchase now, give them 10-15 minutes to purchase. I recommend having an additional bonus offer available for those willing and able to purchase so promptly and efficiently. These dream customers make you believe again in good people and humanity and if you can bestow a little something extra on them, do it. Such customers are pure gold! Having said this, never just give something for nothing. Successful offers are built on a simple, extraordinary formula:

To get this, do that. You can never go wrong  if you base all your offers on this proven formula.

It is a thrill telling you these sure-fire ways to use offers to get rich. Here are some more timely tips:

8) Always lead with your offer. Remember, when  your customer decides he wants the offer, he has bought the product. Thus, make your great offer for immediate action the very first thing he sees.

9) Improve your offer. Even the best offers age. That’s why you need to experiment with new offers, never forgetting to ask customers why they decided to buy today. Their answers always contain valuable clues to the kinds of offers you should be making.

10 Put a smile on your face, in your voice and in the offer itself. Remember, your offer is putting your excellent products in the hands of people who really need them, while at the same time increasing your bank account. What’s not to like?

And now, accompanied by Jackie Wilson, "Mr. Excitement" himself, let’s put it all together and turn the alchemy of offers into cash, more and more, higher and higher. And remember this above all, when you’ve fashioned the sizzling offer, embrace it, run with it, love it and be grateful for the right words in the right order that make you rich. For becoming richer and richer is and always will be a function of the offer. Stand behind it and deliver it accordingly.

An Invitation.

Come see me, the Master of Offers that make money, in action, making offers, delivering offers, scoring with offers. Log into the Live Business Center 24/7/365 at worldprofit.com and see offer mastery right before your eyes.

And A Dedication.

The author dedicates this vital article to super sales person Linda Elze, who never hesitates to remind even me, to "Love the offer." She always does and that’s why her record is so spectacular. Thanks for keeping your CEO’s feet to the fire… and lifting me higher.. and higher!

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