Dr. Jeffrey Lant celebrates 500 Articles

In just over one year, Dr. Jeffrey Lant has now surpassed 500 articles on topics ranging from home business, marketing, fine art, US history, the Royal family, and political commentaries. These articles are educational, fun, informative, insightful and always in the distinctive literary style that can be from only one author, Dr. Jeffrey Lant.

We invite you to join us for a celebration honouring Dr. Jeffrey Lant.

When: Thursday March 22nd at 7:00 PM ET.

Where: Worldprofit Live Business Center at http://www.worldprofit.com

Who should come: YOU!

If you are a new Worldprofit Member and are wondering how to access these articles, here’s what to do.

1. In your member area, on the left menu, select MONEY MAKERS then click on ARTICLE MARKETING DIRECTORY. There are over 500 articles posted their for the EXCLUSIVE use of Worldprofit Silver and Platinum VIP Members. Use them on your blog, to post online, or to create a custom Ebook. Within that same section will also find the Article Publisher, and the new Article Ebook Creator.

2. Want to find out more on how YOU benefit from using these tools?
Come to the celebration on Thursday to learn more and plan to attend the LIVE Bootcamp Training with George Kosch on Friday March 23rd at 10 AM CT. Access at http://www.worldprofit.com

We hope to see you there!

Thank you to Worldprofit Members around the world for your positive reviews!

We at Worldprofit feel so blessed to have so many wonderful Members, customers, and friends all over the world.

Worldprofit is about helping you build your own successful online business. Our home business community is about sharing, learning, growing and profiting while working from the comfort of your own home. Just like a real community, it is people that make the difference, their unique traits, their quirks and their participation in making things happen for the betterment of all.

Every once in a while, one of you WARMS our heart by submitting a testimonial or posting a review about how Worldprofit has helped you. We can’t thank you enough for taking your valuable time do do this to share your positive experiences. You put a smile on our faces and keep us motivated and eager to continue the work, training and development that keeps this company growing to help people all over the world improve their financial situation. At this stage in our lives, after nearly twenty years in business, seeing you succeed is truly our reward.

Here’s just few comments we have received. Thank YOU so very much.

From Tim

Thank you Dr. Lant, George, and Sandi. I feel that I have finally found my "home" here online with Worldprofit, where I can grow as a person, as a business professional,to prosper financially, and a place to give back to other victims of the internet pirates, and to help those just getting started online to avoid all the the financial and emotional pain those internet pirates can inflect! Many Blessings to you and yours!

* * * * *

From Jocelyn

I have been involved in online marketing since 2009. Up until now, I had little successes, here and there. I began to realize how important it is to get the proper mindset, utilize the different tools and resources, to have an Others’ Focused attitude, and in doing so everything has begun to fall into place. What intrigued me about Worldprofit in the first place is how it does not compete with other people and actually offers them solutions and marketing and advertising options, so it is very easy to promote. The training and support is Top Notch! I’ve been a dealer for a little over a month now and already am just 1 Associate away from graduating to MCEC status. Worldprofit ROCKS! 🙂

* * * * * *

From Inge

This is my second Testimonial in 12 months for this marvelous program Worldprofit. I am very delighted to be a Silver Member.
It is very diverse and as a silver member, you get so many tools for your new start in business.
Best of all you can still expand, if your budget allows. George Kosch is the best Mentor I have met and believe me,
in my learning process of three years,I have met a lot of Gurus. Therefore, I see the difference very clear,
he leaves nothing out,each step is by Viedeo. The Support is magnificent. I love Worldprofit and will be here for a long time.
I wish everyone a lot of success in Worldprofit.

* * * * * * *

From Joseph- aka Bubbajoe

I am what I call a Worldprofit.com revert. ie) I was a Dealer and canceled and came back. The questions are why did I cancel and more importantly why did I come back.

I canceled because I got involved in too many programs and decided to concentrate on just a few. As soon as I canceled I began to notice a drop in income from safelist signups (Coming for Worldprofit.com and clickbank sales also originating for Worldprofit.) In addition I got trapped in the give away free stuff racket. My dad told me years ago that nothing in this world is free! I also noticed that I needed the input from someone like George and Sandi to keep me abreast of marketing techniques.

Now – why did I come back. (Presently Platinum VIP Member and loving it)
I came back to Wordprofit because in my 14 years of internet experience I have no three persons like George, Sandi and Dr. Lant individually or collectively that are what they say they are. Their combination and the Worldprofit.com system together equals success. I am living proof that if you follow the bootcamp system you will succeed.

My advice to everyone, is to forget about all the reasons you think that will stop you from succeeding and concentrate on the bootcamp system and do it every day in day out and whala – first new associates and then new dealers and finally deposits to your account.

* * * * * *

From Christopher

After 10 years and $000s struggling to make money online,I finally found Worldprofit. I found that what I had been doing for the last 10 years was all wrong, but Worldprofit and George Kosch put me on the right track.
I am now succeeding at what I was failing at miserably before Worldprofit.
The programme and the training are second to none(real live TRAINING weekly)
So Thank you Worldprofit and especially George Kosch..Sandi Hunter…and Dr. Jeffrey Lant

* * * * * * * *

We have many more, but we will stop here. The point is simply to express appreciation to each of you for your loyalty and support. We hope to earn your business for life and that your online business prospers for years and years to come.

~ Sandi, George, Dr. Lant
Worldprofit: The Online Home Business Experts since 1994

Review: Home Business Bootcamp with marketing expert George Kosch, March 16th, 2012

Marketing expert George Kosch started his LIVE interactive weekly Home Business Bootcamp Training promptly at 10 AM CT Friday March 16th. The first hour was recorded and the second half of the session was open for more discussion and detailed demonstrations.

George started today’s training with announcements:

1. Worldprofit’s Home Bootcamp Training Levels are be updated to better introduce new Members to all the services offered at Worldprofit.
Worldprofit offers a tremendous number of money-making programs, home business resources, and traffic and advertising strategies and some new Members are missing these.
So we have set about to update our training videos, and provide a more detailed overview of the training and resources included to make sure Worldprofit  Members are fully aware and benefit from all aspects of their Membership.

2. As announced in previous training sessions we have now implemented a number of new ways to appreciate our valued Monitors.
Reporting is now in place and public in the Member area, Ad credits are assigned, Sales tracked and bonuses awarded automatically.
We have also starting posting an introduction to our Monitors so all Members of the community can get to better know our Monitors.

3. A new feature has been added free for all Silver and Platinum VIP Members who have a blog.  For those Members who have a Blog, you will be happy to know we now have Landing Pages that can easily be embedded into your WordPress Blog.
We have now included WordPress Landing Pages. This tool can be used for Worldprofit hosted blogs, or other blogs you have online.
We have created a video to help Members benefit from this new option which can be found in the Worldprofit Member area.
NOTE: If you are brand New to Worldprofit, note that this is an advanced application for those who have more familiar and experience.

4. Article Marketing Directory – update
We have made it easier for you to post Worldprofit provided content to your blog.
Example: We provide Worldprofit Members with ClickBank product reviews and articles (currently at 500 articles) with this new addition we have made it easier for you to post this content with images to your blog.
"Press this"

5. We have reached a milestone today. The 500th article was posted today to Worldprofit’s Article Marketing Directory. These articles are for the exclusive use of Worldprofit Members so you have unique content for your blogs and website, as well as ClickBank product review to help you sell ClickBank products. These articles add tremendous value to your Membership that you will NOT get anywhere else. Hats off to Dr. Jeffrey Lant who works tirelessly to research and write these articles for you, our Members.

6. NEW Themes added now for Worldprofit Members to select from for their Blogs.

Learning and Discussion Topics:

SURBL and SpamCop: What it is and what you need to know.
We are creating a new training video to help Members understand anti-spam issues, and URL blocking.

If you don’t have a PAID software program to protect your computer from viruses and malware – get one! The program we recommend is
http://www.Kaspersky.com  Some of you are relying on free virus protection programs and they are simply not powerful enough. Don’t let your business get shut down while you deal with a virus, or malware problem on your computer.

Keep your WordPress plugins and themes up to date. BACK IT UP! BEWARE of free plugins they are often portals for malware and hostile attacks on your blogs.

AWeber.com – the importance of list building.

Importance of following the Home Business Bootcamp, staying focused and applying what you learn CONSISTENTLY.


Google Word Alerts

IQ Block Country (WordPress Plugin)

Why you must promote every single day, and what happens when you don’t.

Click Bank Promo Kit – how members benefit from this tool

The value of Product and Service Reviews

Question: How do you make money with Worldprofit’s home business system?

IMPORTANT NOTE for NEW Worldprofit Members:
If you are brand new to Worldprofit and feeling a little overwhelmed by the amount of information you have been provided, or the various terms being use, we urge you watch the BASIC TRAINING VIDEO. The basic training video covers terms you should know, the basics of our program and what you need to focus on to get on track to making money online with the Worldprofit system. Find this video in your Member area, on the TOP MENU select TRAINING then click on the link for the video that is marked as the MUST WATCH BEGINNER’S VIDEO. If you have any questions submit a Support form so we can also help you that way.

Thank you to each of you for participating in today’s LIVE interactive Home business bootcamp training. We had lots of questions today and we encourage this. The LIVE training is the perfect opportunity to tap into George Kosch’s expertise and get direct instant answers with on-screen demonstration as relevant.

A few comments from today’s Home Business Bootcamp participants about the training and latest Worldprofit innovations being developed for Members.

Christopher: Cool thanks
James: This is a great security tool… thank you, I hadn’t seen this plugin before
Richard: Fun stuff.Good good!
Tania: Thanks George … have a great weekend.
Arthur: Thanks to you, George and Wallace For your guidance!!!!
James: Thank you George and Sandi for all you do to help us build successful businesses! Have a blessed weekend
Minta: Thanks George for the great training today!
Angela: Thanks you for the excellent training.
Sharon: awesome as always
Scott: thanks George great training as always
Tim: Thanks George GREAT job!

Recording of March 16th, 2012 Bootcamp Training: The recording of today’s session will be posted later today to the Member area (under top menu TRAINING) for the convenience of those not able to attend the LIVE training.

Next LIVE Home Business Bootcamp Training: March 23, 2012 at 10 AM CT.

For more information on Worldprofit’s Home Business Training and Earn at Home Programs go to http://www.Worldprofit.com for a free Associate membership. 

Review: Home Business Bootcamp with George Kosch, Marketing Expert on March 9th, 2012.

Worldprofit’s Technical Director and Bootcamp Instructor, George Kosch, presented 90 minutes of LIVE training today.
The first hour was recorded for the benefit of those Worldprofit Members who could not attend the live interactive session.
Training Topics:
Why legitimate list building is so important for earning income from a number of sources.
How Worldprofit helps you build your list to help you make more sales – no matter what you are selling.
Understanding the Home Business Market
How to set up a video blog.
Video Blog Themes
Camtasia’s easy conversion for YouTube
Video Review sites
When to use videos in your marketing INSTEAD of Landing pages.
Worldprofit Member Report Card – how new Members can use this to narrow focus and get on track
Studio Press
ClickBank and CB Maximizer
Demonstration of WordPress/Blog landing page creator
Remember: The resources discussed today can help you build ANY online business or help you sell ANY product or service.
The focus of Worldprofit’s Home Business Training is to help you earn MULTIPLE sources of income and provide reliable tools and resources to help you build your online business.
Our goal is to teach YOU exactly how to make money online. All the tools, training, resources, software and support included in the Worldprofit Silver and Platinum VIP Membership focuses on helping YOU build consistent income from home.
Updates and what’s new!
We’ve been working hard for you to complete some tools that are going to power up your sales!
Specifically, we’ve been developing ways to help you build your lists.
MailChimp is now added to Landing pages for optin to your mailing lists.
Get Response and AWeber have already been added last week.
ListBuilder Landing Pages have also now been added for benefit of all Worldprofit Members. Find this tool in the Worldprofit Member area under
Advertising/Traffic then under Ad Examples .
Next week we are hoping to release the new WordPress landing page creator. This will be easy to add code for adding landing pages to your WordPress Blog. Easy to use and portable for use on ANY WordPress blog.
Feedback on the new Ebook Creator has been very positive as Worldprofit Members use this for making offers.
Video Blog: More training videos added at www.Worldprofit.ca
Following the recorded segment of the training George shared how Worldprofit got it’s start back in 1994. Following this, George spent considerable time emphasized the critical importance of consistent promotion, and key elements necessary to get results. Best time to promote? NOW!
Questions were answered from participants on a variety of topics.
Feedback from Home Business Bootcamp Participants.
Minta: Thanks for the great valuable training, George!

James: Thank you great new developments as always

Inge: George you are the best teacher I know,many thanks.

James: I have never been with a online business that is so laser focused on ‘growing the value’ of the opportunity. I really appreciate what you, Sandi, and Dr. Lant do for us..
THANK YOU to everyone who participated in today’s training. Your input is appreciated and valuable to all members of our Home Business community.
Conclusion: Today’s Home Business Bootcamp Training with George Kosch will be posted to the Worldprofit Member area later today.
Follow up questions to the training can be submitted to the Worldprofit Technical Support Team.
NEXT Session: The next LIVE Home Business Bootcamp will be March 16th, 2012 at 10
For more information on Worldprofit’s Earn At Home Training programs go to http://www.Worldprofit.com for a free Associate Membership.