Review: Home Business Bootcamp with George Kosch

On Friday Dec 16th, marketing expert George Kosch wrapped up the last Worldprofit Home Business Bootcamp Training session for 2011.

Today’s training was the 40th training session provided in 2011 by George Kosch.

The focus of today’s session was all about questions and answers.

George took questions from Members answering basic to advanced questions and shared on-screen what members need to know to understand the concepts.

Topics included:

-Importance of promoting Landing pages and NOT your website
-SEO Strategies
-Marketing and Promotion
-Lead Generation
-Traffic Generation
-the key to consistent sales
-Article Marketing
-Top Sellers
-Forum Marketing
-Backlinking (SEO Tool Kit included in membership)
-Bootcamp Training Lessons, how to access all 50 lessons
-Ad Tracker (how it works why you need to use it to track your advertising efforts)
-Link Cloaking what it is and why you need to do this

Congratulations were offered to all of the Dealers who are actively marketing and making sales.
December sales are brisk and this is to due to YOU working hard to follow the training and doing the marketing.
The Sales Champion of the year will be announced early in January.

Reminder to fight the boredom of promotion and just do it! Promote now, promote tomorrow, promote every day.
NO promotion = NO sales.
Gadget and social media and the latest software are FUN but don’t forget about the most important part – the WORK of marketing.
You want to make money, you must promote. Follow the training where we teach you the basics of marketing so you actually start getting results and sales – then – and only then start working on the other stuff.
It should not be any surprise that the TOP Promoters are usually the TOP Sellers.

Suggestions System: Thank you to Members who have been submitting feedback suggestions. Your comments and feedback are encourage and appreciated. We can built tools and resources, and software but it is YOU our Members and the feedback that you profile that helps us to create systems that are easy to use and to understand.

Service Updates for Members:Worldprofit’s newest service, The Safelist Exchange System will be released shortly. This is a Worldprofit developed product that is also supported by our own in-house Support Team. For those who have already ordered a Safelist Exchange, set ups will commence on Monday Dec 19th.

A Landing Page Creator is being developed for use of all members – planned for release early in 2012.

NOTES:To review ALL the Bootcamp Training Levels (current over 50) on the left menu under Home Business Bootcamp click on BOOTCAMP LESSON SUMMARY

To review all the Bootcamp Training Videos from top menu select TRAINING.

Thank you to those participants in today’s training that were reaching out helping new Worldprofit members with their questions. This is the spririt of community that we encourage for the benefit of all.

The recording of today’s bootcamp can be access from the TOP Menu under TRAINING.

NEXT LIVE Home Business Bootcamp Training Session: Friday January 6th.

Final Words: Worldprofit wishes to thank each and everyone of you for attending the Bootcamp Training sessions. It’s you – our valued members – your participation, communications and feedback that help us to continually improve our training, software and user systems. We look forward to continuing the training in 2012 to help you build your own successful online business. To our Monitors, you are amazing people and we extend our sincere appreciation for your commitment and dedication.

Merry Christmas to you and your families and a prosperous New Year wish to all.

Worldprofit Support Team and Customer Care

Review: Worldprofit Developments in 2011 and Plans for 2012

The year 2011 has been an exciting one for  both Worldprofit Members and Management.  Early in 2011, we surpassed one million members who have joined the Worldprofit Home Business Network.

As the year winds down we review some of the services released this past year to our valued Members and also provide a sneak peak at what we are working on for 2012.

Over the past year our focus has been on providing Members with free and low-cost services to increase the value of the Worldprofit Membership. We understand well that the success of our Members requires ongoing support, specialized training, tested tools and up-to-date resources to help generate traffic, sales and income sources. Feedback from our Members has been that you want easy-to-use automated gizmos and gadgets to build traffic and proven strategies for making sales. In these tough economic times, you told us you wanted more ways to earn from home from trusted reputable sources.

To that end, in 2011 Worldprofit released a number of new Member services.

In February 2011, was released – a new safelist for affiliate marketers  around the world.

The Article Directory  was built and grew to over 400 articles for the exclusive use of Worldprofit Members for use on their sites, blogs and other promotional purposes. Dr. Lant personally penned well over 365 articles, all available for Worldprofit members.  

Creation and implementation of Article Publisher to provide Members with an automated way to add hundreds of articles to their websites saving them time and effort.

A new Content Management System was released in March 2011 to provide Members with an option for more integration of social media, more design flexibility, ability to feature products etc as well as integration of Google Analytics, site map and  RSS feed.

The Credit Transfer area allowing Members to transfer their own Safelist credits to another Associate or Silver or Platinum VIP member

Mid summer, was overhauled for more options, user friendliness and speed.

40 LIVE interactive bootcamp training sessions were held throughout the year – that’s over 80 hours of personalized instruction and assistance that our Members have enjoyed. This training is recorded for the convenience of Members not able to participate in the live sessions. This training is all hands on with desk top sharing so that members can learn by seeing as marketing expert George Kosch demonstrates step-by-step how to make money online. These sessions are popular as Members can ask questions live, interact with other members of the community.   We learn from our Members during these training sessions as Member feedback helps us plan training, support and new product development. 

Over the last year, Dr. Jeffrey Lant provided once weekly dealer sales training for 50 weeks to help Members achieve their sales goals.  Dr. Lant’s tireless work ethic is tremendous as he works alongside our members in the Live Business Center every day providing assistance as needed. 

The Worldprofit Monitor network continued to grow in 2011. Members step up to the challenge to learn how to make sales and help all members of the Worldprofit Home Business community in our 24 Hour Live Business Center.  We cannot thank each of you enough for your contributions and dedication.  

Continued additions were made to the PLR Store and also to the Money Makers program.  Our goal is to provide members with multiple streams of income and additions are made with hot selling products.

The Amazon Store Front was added to list of options that Members can install on their website adding jus one more way to earn income from their site.

CPanel hosting accounts and WordPress Blog hosting services were added to accommodate the request by Members.

Worldprofit’s suite of webcast services including the Instant meeting Center and Instant Seminar system were all overhauled to increase video and audio quality as well as speed. Also included easier method of loading videos to YouTube and other video sharing sites. 

The Live Face Chat Application was added.  This tool allows Members to integrate into their site, and landing pages, a LIVE CHAT window. Site owners can then chat on video directly and immediately to their site visitors. The tool is “easy-to use, instant, and puts a FACE on your online business activities, literally, as YOU the site owner’s video image appears on the site in real time.

Late in 2011, the Dealer Lounge was created for informal discussions and to facilitate assistance among members of our Worldprofit home business community.

The Personal Live Business Center (PLBC) was released. This is a mini version of Worldprofit’s Live Business Center to allow members to use the power of this technology to host their own Live Business Center and promote any and all of their own affiliate marketing programs.

The Home Business Bootcamp online training was expanded to over 50 lessons and still growing.  Topics cover basic to advanced training on marketing, online sales, social media, software, traffic generation, article marketing, blogging, backlinking, Clickbank sales, affiliate marketing, and more advanced topics including SEO.

We worked hard to expand the Member profile area to incorporate more social media links, photos etc.

More landing pages were added so Members had more access to advertising aids. 

The Solo Email Blaster was integrated into the Member area and is proving very popular among both paid and free Associate Members.

In December 2011, Worldprofit released the new Safelist Exchange service which allows non-techies to own their own Safelist Exchange and profit from online advertising revenue.   A sneak peak at our plans for 2012.

Our goal continues to be one of providing as many effective and easy to use tools as possible for our Members. We are developing one-click solutions for traffic and lead generation.

– Landing Page / Splash Page Builder is on the drawing board so that members can easily create their own Landing pages without being a techie.

– SEO service. We are in talks with a number of companies as we seek out a reputable SEO service for our Members.

– Development of new Design templates and enhancements to current content management system.

– Continued upgrade and enhancements to the Worldprofit member area for ease of use and navigation.

– Development of an IPhone app

– Creation of more articles and blog content for exclusive use of our Members.

– We continue to test and integrate tools for Traffic, more SEO Tools and more automated marketing tools including Social Networking applications.

– Continued commitment to speedy friendly Account and Technical Support.

– Continued updates to online Bootcamp Training Course for simplicity, understanding, Member graduation.

– Continued research and development of trusted Profit Partners so Members have even more products available for resale (more earning options).

– Ongoing pursuit of partnerships or agreements with related companies offering products and services that will benefit our Members, including exploration of purchase discounts.

– Development of new and updated marketing materials, landing pages, capture pages, ad examples.

– Continued Monitor Training and Sales Development under personalized supervision of Dr. Jeffrey Lant.

And much more is still in the research and planning stages that we are not ready to reveal at this time. Rest assured our daily commitment is to making your Worldprofit Membership so valuable that you can’t even think about giving it up!

Since humble beginnings in 1994, Worldprofit has grown to be recognized as the Home Business Experts and the # 1 choice for online home business training. In 2012, we look forward to continuing to help people from around the world learn how to earn from home.