Interactivity is the key to blog success. Here’s the exact language to use to get it. Yes, exact.

by Dr. Jeffrey Lant

Hear ye, hear ye! Blogs are the hottest thing on the ‘net.
You know it… and you’ve done the necessary to set yours
up and publish, right? Out it goes… then… nothing. Not a
peep from any reader. That’s bad, real bad.

That’s why I’m here — to help you achieve maximum blog

As you’re reading along with this article, think Cole Porter’s
peppy little number, “Friendship” (from “Was a lady,” 1939)
because that’s what this article is, a friend helping a friend achieve
maximum success online, this time with your blog.

Interactivity is the key.

Blogs work when they’re interactive, that is when you get your
audience/readers to respond. And why do you want them to
respond? Because blog readers who respond are the very best
customer prospects there are, that’s why. Moreover if you’re smart,
you want to monetize your blog just as quickly as possible,
right from the get-go… so that every time you publish your blog
your readers, your prospects — with their money — respond.

Here’s how to make this happen day after golden day.

Announce your objective, so that people know that your
blog is interactive… and you expect them to respond.

“Readers! You’ve arrived at the most interactive blog
online… where we are in constant touch with our readers…
and readers are encouraged, indeed expected, to
respond. We like hearing from you!”

Make this goal pellucidly clear to your readers. And keep
this exact language in all blog posts. It’s your welcome mat
for the world.

Words that get people to respond to your lead article.

“Folks, I’m delighted, pleased, ecstatic to bring you this article (add
title here). It’s written by an expert (add name here) who knows what
she’s talking about. After you’ve read this piece, email me at once at
(email address). Tell us what you think! We genuinely want to know!”

Put like this, such a plea is irresistible. Expect responses fast,
always remembering that each response represents either the
beginning of an ongoing relationship with that respondent…or
the strengthening of an existing relationship. In short, it is the raw
matter for success and nothing but success.

Ask your readers to respond to individual articles, not just
the entire blog.

Remember, not only must your blog be perceived as interactive;
each portion of the blog must be so configured. In other words,
you want each and every article and/or blog section to generate
leads. Here’s how to do it.

“Friend, this article by (name of writer) is absolutely terrific,
isn’t it? The writing is incredible… the content superb. What’s
more , I can tell you how to get content of this amazing quality
on your blog free. Email me your name, email address, and
phone for the details. Yes, I mean FREE!”

Offer a freebie in every issue.

One particularly popular freebie, which I’ve used for years,
is to write and make available a Free Report to your readers on
a subject of interest to them, a subject like this:

“Boy, oh boy, have I ever got the terrific freebie for you
today, you lucky blog readers, you. This report, absolutely
free, is titled ‘Just what you need to know and do to get
(whatever benefit you sell)’. This special report is packed,
just packed, with superb, hard-to-find details , and I’m
lucky to be able to GIVE it to you. Email me now at (your
email address) with your name, email address and phone
number or just call me now at (your telephone number.)
P.S. Be sure to tell me what you think after you’ve read it!”

Or, try this freebie. It’s worked for me for years, and it’s a
pip of an example and model for you.

“Incredible, but true. Due to a special arrangement with
some hot-shot traffic gurus, I’m able to give out 1,000,000
guaranteed visitors today, that is 50,000 each to the FIRST
TWENTY READERS who respond today. Be one of them.
Email me now at (email address) along with your name,
address, and phone number or just pick up the phone and
call me now. DON’T WAIT. This special offer can’t last!”

Ask for comments. Use the comments.

Remember, your objective is to solicit and then receive
comments from every reader. First, savour them; you have
earned a little self-congratulation, because with each blog
post and every reader response thereto, you are distancing
yourself from the also-rans of blog publishers and firmly
establishing yourself as a Smart Cookie. Now, press your

When responses arrive, be sure to publish them in your
blog, good, bad, or indifferent. Of course, you want every
response to be positive. These are the most welcome and
easy-to-use blog posts. Publish them at once… and use them
to generate more responses. You want your readers to see
and be clear on the fact that yours is one of the most exciting,
worthwhile blogs in the land. Make it a point to publicize every
positive response you get:

“Wow! Here’s a great response from (name of reader responding).
We sure do appreciate these responses, not just because they’re
complimentary (but what’s wrong with that anyway?) But because
they make it clear how you feel… and what you like about what
we’re doing. That’s Very Important indeed! Always include your
name, address, phone, and email address.”

What if the response is carping, critical, vituperative?

The world does not live on a diet of milk and honey. Gall and
wormwood do make themselves known. Your job is to use
negative comments to impress your readers and even turn
your carping critic into a lap dog. Take a look at how this magic

“Tom Jones from Pocatello, Idaho isn’t too happy today. He
has emailed this message: ‘Folks, that last article you published
on (name of article) was just plain wrong about a couple of points.
Here’s the low-down…”

All publishers, blog or otherwise, are inured to getting responses
like this. The key is turning the criticism into gold, building a
relationship with the (momentarily) irked or critical respondent.

“Tom, your points are sooooo well taken. Thanks for making
them; we’ve glad to let our readers have your point of view
and hope to hear more from you. In the meantime, please accept
a free copy of our newest report (title here).”

In short, turn lemons into lemonade and emerge wiser and
better regarded than before.

Last words… there are no last words.

Blogging, as tried and true bloggers know, NEVER ends.
Each issue, each part of each issue, constitutes a potential link
to the future. Each thing, every section and each word, is a
hook; grabbing, then pulling in your expectant audience, thereby
generating leads, comments for future issues… and (how sweet it is)

Blogs are the most personal of media. Run with that
concept, and make your blog a place of constant
interactivity and the satisfaction and profit that ensue
to you as a result. Your readers will be happy,
recognizing and applauding you, while you laugh
all the way to the bank! How nice!

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