The great age of commentary is here. Here’s how to take advantage of it and make your blog distinguished and profitable.


by Dr. Jeffrey Lant

When I was growing up, America’s opinions were shaped
by a handful of influential people whose advice on any subject
under the sun (but usually national affairs and politics) could
be read, first, in newspapers… then heard on the radio and television.

These are great names, masters of pungent comments, wry humor,
intelligent observations,  and refined styles all their own. Here
is my (partial) Honor Roll… one could add many others, the
very best of the very best:

Westbrook Pegler of the United Press (died 1969).

H.L. Mencken of the Baltimore Sun (died 1956).

Edward R. Murrow of CBS (died 1965).

Walter Winchell of New York Daily Mirror (died 1972).

Paul Harvey of ABC (died 2009).

And now another name, destined for greatness and the prosperity
that generally accompanies it, can be added to the list:


I’m here, your advisor and friend, to assist your rise to global
eminence, as Internet blogger and meaningful commentator par excellence.

The Internet has made it possible to become such a commentator.
You now have a power, and at your fingertips too,  previously reserved to the few;
now available to anyone.

You are now able to comment on and draw forth the true meaning
of  events great and small, events of cosmic significance and the  little
secrets that someone (usually office holder or government official)
didn’t want anyone to know, thus motivating the commentator to be
sure to disclose.

Now you can be a new, soon to be important voice… a voice of humanity,
intelligence, stern admonitions and home truths, resoundingly delivered.
In short, you can be an unceasing engine for truth, justice, and the
improvement of mankind, in a style and with a spin all your own.

Here’s how to begin and prosper.

Most bloggers, think small, picayune, trivial. You cannot.

Their authors, that is, chew more than they  bite off. (Sadly, I cannot take credit
for this telling mot. Mrs. Henry Adams rendered this artful observation on the
ponderous American author Henry James. She later killed herself, but probably
not as a consequence of this remark.) Your view must be different, broad, cosmopolitan,
catholic in the best (non-sectarian) sense.

If you want an important blog, write on important subjects. This formula is
tried — and true.

Always talk directly to your readers.

The great commentators of any age and culture never address the world
en masse. They talk directly to you, as in a personal conversation between
someone with Something Important to say… and someone anxious to learn
it, all of it.

Use your blog to tell stores.

People need more than facts, assertions, and (worst of all) windy
pontifications to attract them, though this is what they get from most
blog writers.

People have always liked… and will always like… interesting tales. Great
communicators like Jesus, Gandhi, Franklin Roosevelt, and Abraham Lincoln
were expert at capturing the full attention of their audiences… and what’s
more, keeping it with stories with a beginning, middle, end.

Develop a format. Make it your signature.

All the great commentators, like the ones listed above, delivered their
comments in a certain, defined way which the folks who followed them
immediately recognized. You must do the same.

Enter into the lives of the people you are commenting on… and the
ones you are delivering your comments to.

The best commentators enter into the situations and conditions, nay
into the very skins and brains, of the people they are writing about.
This is what gives their comments an edge and credibility.

The goal of the great commentator is most assuredly not to
set up a card board effigy of the person he is writing about. That’s
unfair, inadequate, infra dig.

The objective, instead, is to show that you truly understand the
people and events you are writing about… then make your comments
about them, pungent, fair, honest, aphoristic accordingly.

This is not easy to do… but it is what great commentators do…
and which makes them irresistible to readers.

Avoid pedantry, but never the chance to instruct.

The purpose of a blog is NEVER to show how smart you are. It is
to inform, educate, edify and instruct your readers, all done with
the lightest, but always sure, touch. In short, it about enhancing
their smartness…never merely dazzling with your own.

Thus, don’t  use your blog as the opportunity to demonstrate how
clever and intelligent you are. Commentators are not, and always eschew the
opportunity to be, ponderous. That’s the role of too many professors from
the Academy. Such people do not flourish, in blogs or elsewhere,
because their readers flee andante.

You must capture and enthrall them, not as professors do by forcing
attendance, but by entrancements, the apt selection of topics, the
masterful presentation of what you have to tell… and the unique way
you present it.

Master the great information sources you will come to rely upon
to glean critical facts for your comments.

Read, on line now, the New York Times and  Washington Post,
to name but 2 key sources. These publications, soon to be history
because of the Internet, will inspire you with both facts and story
ideas. Scrutinize them closely.

Use too the Associated Press reports and those of UPI and Reuter’s.
They are crucial for providing both story ideas and the hard details
which give your commentaries backbone and grit.

Learn to master the art of searching the great search engines,
where the crucial supporting information is available whenever
you require it,which means whenever you want a comment
taut, never flaccid, girded by fact.

Use the Wikipedia, one of the greatest information sources ever. It is
a noble idea, essential to commentators, ever available. Bravissimo.

One last thing. Set your blog publishing schedule… and stick to it.

Your readers want, indeed insist upon, predictability and regular
delivery of your blog. Give it to them. If your publishing date is
each Thursday at 12 noon Eastern time… adhere to it, religiously.
"Punctuality," as King Louis XVIII of France observed, "is the
courtesy of kings."

Nowadays your readers are the sovereigns, each and every
one. Succeed with them… and your results and benefits, financial
and otherwise, are assured, abundantly so. These are your masters,
your audience. Treat them accordingly and soar.

About The Author


Harvard-educated Dr. Jeffrey Lant is CEO of
Worldprofit, Inc., where
small and home-based businesses learn how to
profit online. Attend Dr. Lant’s live webcast
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The WORST Landing Page Design Mistakes. Know them and avoid them!

By Sandi Hunter

A landing pages is a powerful way to generate leads for a product, service or company. Landing pages are a far more effective way of getting leads than promoting your website.

To get those leads your Landing page must adhere to these sure-fire rules of marketing. Here’s what you need to know to get the maximum results from your landing pages.

Most Common Mistakes

1. Boring headline.

Your headline must POP off the page with motivating words that will get the viewer’s attention. You want to get their attention then draw them in to keep them reading. Headlines should be bold, easy to read, colorful and make an IMMEDIATE eye-grabbing impact.

2. Too fancy.

Fire your designer if they rely heavily on graphics and flash. Even video is sometimes not appropriate. You do not need your landing page to match your website. Landing pages do not need to be animated, blinking, jumping or annoying. Simple is best. Your Landing page has one purpose, and one purpose only – to generate a lead. It should be colorful, eye catching and use compelling rich copy.

3. No focus.

Effective landing pages are focused. Focused on purpose (lead generation) and focused on telling the reader exactly what they get and why they need to act now. Don’t include any reason for distraction on your landing page. Make your marketing message ultra-clear.

4. No Offer.

If you want to generate a lead you MUST include an offer. People don’t give away there contact information unless you give them VERY good reasons to do so. Make your pitch, and make it a great one – something for free, include a bonus, an incentive – something of value.

5. Forgetting about who the Landing Page is for!

Your Landing Page is for your Viewers. Yes, it’s to market your company or product, but the page itself is about the viewer, Yes, your potential customer don’t forget this. View your Landing pages from THEIR eyes. Is is obvious what you are offering? Is your offer enticing? Is your page focused or it is annoying to the point of distraction. Respect the experience and impression of your viewers. Make sure the page is not too long, the fonts are appropriate, the graphics not overdone and your optin form is quick and easy to complete.

To conclude, here is an Easy 1-2-3 Formula for creating effective Landing Pages.

1. Start with a powerful benefit-laden attention-grabbing headline.

2. Follow with compelling copy that motivates ACTION. Here is what you get, here is why you need it, here is how to get it RIGHT NOW!

3. Optin Form. Conclude with an easy to complete, simple form requesting contact details, being sure to list the bonuses/offer included. If you can add a value to these bonuses it makes your offer even more appealing.

Final words: Everything on your landing page should focus and complement these three things; simple theme-related graphics, well-written punchy copy, an irresistible offer, and an opt-in form. Your goal on a Landing page is get the lead!

About the Author:

Sandi Hunter is the Director of Website Development at Worldprofit Inc., a company specializing in resources and training for home and small business. More business building strategies are at

Four things successful business people will do today… that you won’t!

by Dr. Jeffrey Lant

Friend, let’s get one thing straight from the get-go. Successful people are going to do things today that you won’t. Read this, and you’ll discover what they are.

1) Successful people don’t just let today happen…. they plan for today… yesterday!

What did you do before you left your office yesterday? If you’re successful, you planned your success for today, determining your clear objectives and laying out the documents, materials, and other things you need.

In other words, you knew what you’d need, and you had it
readily at hand so you could, without special effort, pick up first thing today what you so carefully planned…. yesterday.

Organization, a constant focus on time management and
efficiency, not caffeine , are what the successful bring to the table. They cannot and do not consider yesterday concluded… until it is organized as the spring board to a successful today.

2) Email a stupendous offer just before you leave your work.

Want to walk in tomorrow to sales? To lots of great prospect leads?

Then email a terrific offer BEFORE you leave.

Most people, bushed, fatigued, tired, upon leaving their offices are contemplating the pleasures of the rest of today. But not the successful.

Successful people are mad keen on organization and efficiency…
and constant bank account pleasing cash flow. They know that today’s
dollars are the result of yesterday’s offers. Successful business people force themselves to stay, no matter how tired they are, no matter how pleasurable the day’s forthcoming events, until they have crafted the stunning offer that ensures cash flow throughout the hours they are
not present.

This offer must be a lollapalooza… the best yet.

As I write, much of the United States, much of the rest of the world is mired in an anaemic economic recovery that is, at best, just limping along.

Yet, by staying focused at all times on the main event, successful
business people will flourish and achieve even the most ambitious of
business and financial goals.

The key is having cash readily at hand…. and the means to generate
more…. at will.

This means offers, better offers, the best offers, never-ending offers.

Because you will be tired at the end of the day, craft your end-of-day
offers earlier. To ensure that it delivers the big success you insist upon,
shape that offer when your mind is fresh and your abilities keen.
Aim to make your offer better than you have ever made before; aim to make
it a stunner, head turning, a cash gusher.

What the most successful business people know is that cash is
king, especially when other people, people who do not have
and do not use such offers, don’t have it. If you focus as on your
#1 Priority the shaping and constant sending of eye-popping offers
you will have the cash, and thus the freedom, your less focused
and clever colleagues lack and will always lack.

3) Call three prospects who have been hanging on the fence,
uncertain about buying, and tell them you have the talking turkey offer
of all times… if they will act now.

Offers come in many shapes and sizes… but one thing they all
have in common is the “act now” factor. Offers to work must have
deadlines… and the very best offers mean prompt, immediate
response… no dithering allowed.

Most people, you see, even most business people, dither, offering
excuses when decisive action is called for. In fact most people are
not decision makers; rather, they are decision avoiders. The offer
is made for such people, for only a truly superior offer will get these
torpid ones to act at all, much less act on your speedy schedule.

Now, be honest. Did you, before leaving your office yesterday,
call at least three people with a special, once-in-a-lifetime,
knock ’em, sock ’em offer?

Or did you just turn off the lights and lock the door?

Want money?Then outline a “for my best customers” offer…
and call them to discuss it. (You may also use email to send
the offer… but never expect such an email to close the deal. For
that the phone is the key).

Pick up the phone, I say, and, upon reaching these prime
(if delaying) prospects, verbally embrace them, “Mary, you and
I have been in contact for many years. I was thinking of you
and wanted to make you a spectacular offer. Have you got
a minute?” Then deliver the offer of offers, tellingly delivered,
resoundingly delivered, convincingly delivered. This is a Special
Offer…. for a Special Person. Deliver it accordingly.

4) Select 5 customers and give them a special unexpected

People have always liked and will always like to get presents. It
makes us feel wanted, warm inside. The most important people
in your business are your customers; we all know that. However,
what have you done lately to warm the cockles of their hearts?
Not much, right?

Change that today.

Pick a few customers, 5 is a good number, and give them a
special gift, report, some free product, any kind of emolument…
something that says simply, honestly, “I value you!” Then
send it out.

Your customers will be pleased, gratified, impressed. No wonder.
In our busy world, too few take even a little time to do the right
thing; that thing that identifies you as a quality individual, well
deserving of such customers. Out of the enhanced good will such
valued offerings engender will come business, lots of business.
You deserve it.

Are you going to be the business success you say you want?

You now know what to do. The question, therefore, is whether you
will do it,and when.

24 hours from now, as you reflect upon this day, you will know
just how successful you will be, based on what you have
(or have not) done. It won’t take any longer than that to see
how well you’re going to do. You see, now as always, the success
you get (or forego) will be upon the actions you take and how
well you do them. In short, it’s all about you.

Bon voyage.

About The Author


Harvard-educated Dr. Jeffrey Lant is CEO of
Worldprofit, Inc., where
small and home-based businesses learn how to
profit online. Attend Dr. Lant’s live webcast
TODAY and receive 50,000 free guaranteed
visitors to the website of your choice! For details
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Superior blog content makes you money. Here’s how to write like a pro.

by Dr. Jeffrey Lant

Blogs have swept the Internet. EVERY smart person
either has one or is working hard to create one asap.
This means you!

I’m here to deliver the blog content you must have and
are (right now) clueless about creating. Let’s dig in
and solve that problem right now.

A blog is not a soliloquy, a tirade, or a soap box.

A blog is a conversation started by you. And like all
conversations it takes two to tango.

Sadly, most people are lousy conversationalists.
They do not converse, back and forth. Rather, they
talk at people, mistaking the fact that they are
pumping out words to beat the band for a keenly
felt desire to hear what the other person has to
say. These are selfish communicators… and they
can never produce the results you must have to
make your blog worthwhile.

Blogs work because they are interactive… and this
means creating content that gets results while always
urging your readers to respond.

But let’s be honest with each other. You’re not at all
sure how to write blog content that’ll do what every
blog must do: generate leads and make money. Isn’t
that about the size of it?

For make no mistake, there is ABSOLUTELY NO
point in creating and publishing a blog that doesn’t
generate good leads and make you money, every single day.

To achieve this objective RSVP must become the 4
most important letters in your profit alphabet.

Repondez s’il vous plait.

1) Always talk to your readers in the second person;
always speak to them directly with an implicit or
explicit “you”. Your reader must know you are talking
to her, personally, directly.

2) Make it clear you want to hear from your readers.
Readers of your blog need to be told, often and
clearly, that you WANT to hear from them; that you
are standing by to hear from them… and that hearing
from them, now, is the one essential you must
have to make your day.

3) Make it easy to respond to you. Include your land
line phone number, cell, skype, email, etc. If you want
responses, make it supremely easy to respond to you.

4) Keep the tone of your blog intimate, as if you
were having a private conversation with your best
friend. People always want to know secrets and
revealing information, especially about you. Oblige

5) Publish reader comments in your blog. What’s
one tried and true feature that’s sure to rivet the
full and immediate attention of your readers? Put
their name in your blog; their name and any interesting
and constructive comments they have made.

Hint: if a blog reader criticizes you, print the
criticism… and your (always) cool, calm and collected
response. People love reading such exchanges…
and your stature is sure to grow by showing your
readers how well you handle them. Ole!

“Content is king,” saith Bill Gates… and he surely

Billionaire Bill said, many years ago, that online
“content is king.” Truer words have ne’er been spoke.
The key is knowing how to get it.

Start with a pair of scissors.

Each day I sit down with the publications I receive,
including the Boston Globe, New England’s paper of
record. Over my Cheerios I proceed to read… not just for
immediate information but for topics of interest about which
I can write blog content.

Such topics are easy to find, ranging as they to
from current Congressional high jinx to the faux pas
of kings and presidents; from economic prognostications
to items of human interest and insight.

If you want to run an effective, useful blog, keep such publications —
and scissors — near at hand.

The wire services are key.

All day, every day the essential, usually unsung heroes
of international incident and instant communications — the
wire services of the Associated Press, Reuters, etc —
pump out the factual information every single commentator
on earth relies on and must be grateful for. In short, they
do the grunt work that enables you to appear at all
times knowledgeable, intelligent, omniscient. Without
them such poses would be fatuous, ridiculous., unsustainable.

Similarly, check places inhabited by news junkies like
me; you know, the major search engines and, always,
CNN, Fox News, etc. Remember, a blog is a place of
commentary… and commentators (with you now amongst
them) must ALWAYS have something on which to comment.

Another hint: you need to open an “idea” folder, into which
you can file, on a regular, daily basis, all the good subjects
(funny, tragic, infamous, informative) that come your way.
Never rely upon memory. Remember your scissors (and
for online information your printer.) Gather this information
and put it away. For this is the pure gold of the commenting
business, and of your so well informed blog.

Timely blog posts; timeless blog posts. You need both

All blog content falls into two main categories: timely
and timeless.

Timely means things of the moment; actions, events that
are breaking news. You must be on top of these stories
with valuable content and timely comment. Your aim must
always be to be in advance of the developing story… at the
very least on top of the current news cycle. This can easily
be done on the ‘net… if you stay abreast of story developments,
as reported in the spots inhabited by news junkies and
blogsters like you.

But all your posts need not be timely; much invaluable
content can and should be timeless — meaning it can
be used and reused… again and again — either as is,
or updated. Such “evergreen” content has always been
the friend of folks like us with a deadline… and the need
for immediate content… but not an idea to be had. We rely on
such worthy content, as on a good friend. (By the way,
this article goes firmly into that category… for it has legs
and can be read — and published — with profit for years to come.)

Your blog is your future

Right now, yet again, the Internet is being reshuffled.
Those with blogs of consequence are emerging as the
very sovereigns of cyberspace. Believe me, you wish
to be amongst them… for to them will fall all the loaves
and fishes.

These remarks will help. Print them, save them,
savour them, for they come from an old hand at this
fast-moving business.

About The Author

Harvard-educated Dr. Jeffrey Lant is CEO of
Worldprofit, Inc., where
small and home-based businesses learn how to
profit online. Attend Dr. Lant’s live webcast
TODAY and receive 50,000 free guaranteed
visitors to the website of your choice! For details
on Dr. Lant’s 18 best-selling business books,
go to There you can also
see his blog.

Interactivity is the key to blog success. Here’s the exact language to use to get it. Yes, exact.

by Dr. Jeffrey Lant

Hear ye, hear ye! Blogs are the hottest thing on the ‘net.
You know it… and you’ve done the necessary to set yours
up and publish, right? Out it goes… then… nothing. Not a
peep from any reader. That’s bad, real bad.

That’s why I’m here — to help you achieve maximum blog

As you’re reading along with this article, think Cole Porter’s
peppy little number, “Friendship” (from “Was a lady,” 1939)
because that’s what this article is, a friend helping a friend achieve
maximum success online, this time with your blog.

Interactivity is the key.

Blogs work when they’re interactive, that is when you get your
audience/readers to respond. And why do you want them to
respond? Because blog readers who respond are the very best
customer prospects there are, that’s why. Moreover if you’re smart,
you want to monetize your blog just as quickly as possible,
right from the get-go… so that every time you publish your blog
your readers, your prospects — with their money — respond.

Here’s how to make this happen day after golden day.

Announce your objective, so that people know that your
blog is interactive… and you expect them to respond.

“Readers! You’ve arrived at the most interactive blog
online… where we are in constant touch with our readers…
and readers are encouraged, indeed expected, to
respond. We like hearing from you!”

Make this goal pellucidly clear to your readers. And keep
this exact language in all blog posts. It’s your welcome mat
for the world.

Words that get people to respond to your lead article.

“Folks, I’m delighted, pleased, ecstatic to bring you this article (add
title here). It’s written by an expert (add name here) who knows what
she’s talking about. After you’ve read this piece, email me at once at
(email address). Tell us what you think! We genuinely want to know!”

Put like this, such a plea is irresistible. Expect responses fast,
always remembering that each response represents either the
beginning of an ongoing relationship with that respondent…or
the strengthening of an existing relationship. In short, it is the raw
matter for success and nothing but success.

Ask your readers to respond to individual articles, not just
the entire blog.

Remember, not only must your blog be perceived as interactive;
each portion of the blog must be so configured. In other words,
you want each and every article and/or blog section to generate
leads. Here’s how to do it.

“Friend, this article by (name of writer) is absolutely terrific,
isn’t it? The writing is incredible… the content superb. What’s
more , I can tell you how to get content of this amazing quality
on your blog free. Email me your name, email address, and
phone for the details. Yes, I mean FREE!”

Offer a freebie in every issue.

One particularly popular freebie, which I’ve used for years,
is to write and make available a Free Report to your readers on
a subject of interest to them, a subject like this:

“Boy, oh boy, have I ever got the terrific freebie for you
today, you lucky blog readers, you. This report, absolutely
free, is titled ‘Just what you need to know and do to get
(whatever benefit you sell)’. This special report is packed,
just packed, with superb, hard-to-find details , and I’m
lucky to be able to GIVE it to you. Email me now at (your
email address) with your name, email address and phone
number or just call me now at (your telephone number.)
P.S. Be sure to tell me what you think after you’ve read it!”

Or, try this freebie. It’s worked for me for years, and it’s a
pip of an example and model for you.

“Incredible, but true. Due to a special arrangement with
some hot-shot traffic gurus, I’m able to give out 1,000,000
guaranteed visitors today, that is 50,000 each to the FIRST
TWENTY READERS who respond today. Be one of them.
Email me now at (email address) along with your name,
address, and phone number or just pick up the phone and
call me now. DON’T WAIT. This special offer can’t last!”

Ask for comments. Use the comments.

Remember, your objective is to solicit and then receive
comments from every reader. First, savour them; you have
earned a little self-congratulation, because with each blog
post and every reader response thereto, you are distancing
yourself from the also-rans of blog publishers and firmly
establishing yourself as a Smart Cookie. Now, press your

When responses arrive, be sure to publish them in your
blog, good, bad, or indifferent. Of course, you want every
response to be positive. These are the most welcome and
easy-to-use blog posts. Publish them at once… and use them
to generate more responses. You want your readers to see
and be clear on the fact that yours is one of the most exciting,
worthwhile blogs in the land. Make it a point to publicize every
positive response you get:

“Wow! Here’s a great response from (name of reader responding).
We sure do appreciate these responses, not just because they’re
complimentary (but what’s wrong with that anyway?) But because
they make it clear how you feel… and what you like about what
we’re doing. That’s Very Important indeed! Always include your
name, address, phone, and email address.”

What if the response is carping, critical, vituperative?

The world does not live on a diet of milk and honey. Gall and
wormwood do make themselves known. Your job is to use
negative comments to impress your readers and even turn
your carping critic into a lap dog. Take a look at how this magic

“Tom Jones from Pocatello, Idaho isn’t too happy today. He
has emailed this message: ‘Folks, that last article you published
on (name of article) was just plain wrong about a couple of points.
Here’s the low-down…”

All publishers, blog or otherwise, are inured to getting responses
like this. The key is turning the criticism into gold, building a
relationship with the (momentarily) irked or critical respondent.

“Tom, your points are sooooo well taken. Thanks for making
them; we’ve glad to let our readers have your point of view
and hope to hear more from you. In the meantime, please accept
a free copy of our newest report (title here).”

In short, turn lemons into lemonade and emerge wiser and
better regarded than before.

Last words… there are no last words.

Blogging, as tried and true bloggers know, NEVER ends.
Each issue, each part of each issue, constitutes a potential link
to the future. Each thing, every section and each word, is a
hook; grabbing, then pulling in your expectant audience, thereby
generating leads, comments for future issues… and (how sweet it is)

Blogs are the most personal of media. Run with that
concept, and make your blog a place of constant
interactivity and the satisfaction and profit that ensue
to you as a result. Your readers will be happy,
recognizing and applauding you, while you laugh
all the way to the bank! How nice!

About The Author

Harvard-educated Dr. Jeffrey Lant is CEO of
Worldprofit, Inc., where
small and home-based businesses learn how to
profit online. Attend Dr. Lant’s live webcast
TODAY and receive 50,000 free guaranteed
visitors to the website of your choice! For details
on Dr. Lant’s 18 best-selling business books,
go to

Review: Gooble Twitter Chat puts YOUR site, product or service on first page of Google – By

Now YOU can Tap into trends and target your market with Google’s Real Time Keyword Tool. It’s easy and free!


Ok, you have got to see this!

This is powerful and allows you to harness the power of Google AND Twitter to target your market.
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1. Pick your key words and narrow to 2 words.
Example: Online Jobs

2. Login to your Twitter account
Post a Tweet starting with your two key words and ending with your website address.
Online Jobs: 10,000 Proven Ways to make money online! Your Address here.

3. Now, go to type in your key words.
Example: Online Jobs

4. Now, from left menu on Google, click on “MORE” then click on REALTIME
What you will see generated will be everyone posting with these keywords. This is like seeing a MONEY BOARD!
Google is filtering in real time the posts related to those key words.
This is YOUR target market! These are people talking about what you are interested in, or selling.
This is BRAND NEW! This is MIND-BLOWING! Get started now before everyone else taps into this little known secret.
Real time graphs show you the hottest topics, the current trends broken into time frames for analysis.

1) This clearly shows you why you MUST join Social Networking sites like Twitter.
With this new real time social search offered by Google, you can now target your market, and promote your landing pages, offers, discounts, coupons, and products and services at NO COST!
2) Google is filtering the mass of tweets for you so you can target your market. You can then advertise to these people directly at no cost.
3) If you are targeting specific niches this is a gold mine! Refine your search terms, narrow them down to exactly what you are selling so you target exactly who you want to see your message.
4) This strategy solves a lot of the problem with people not getting your email marketing messages. Thanks Google!
5) For a long time marketers understood the value of marketing via Twitter, the problem was filtering and targeting of the messages. Problem now solved. Thanks Google!
6) SEO companies charge gobs of money for this kind of secret marketing strategy, you just got it FREE! Thanks George Kosch!
7) Not sure how to find the key words? Go to
This is a free tool. Find the key words you like, type them into Google for a search and follow instructions above. This site shows keywords from websites or just nice short phrases.
8) This strategy will help with your search engine ranking too.
9) Your Title Tag on your website ALSO shows on your posts too! Make sure it is a good short descriptive title tag.
10) Include a nice picture of yourself on your Twitter account to add credibility and your own brand everytime you post. Remember the WORLD is going to see your post!

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