Do Safelists Really Work or are they a waste of time?

First off let me explain what a Safelist is and how they work for those of you who don’t know then I will discuss their effectiveness for generating site traffic.

A Safelist is an email list that you can join for free, and in return for joining you are permitted to email out to the entire list of members. Most safelist providers limit the number of times you can email to the list. Some safelist providers will allow you to email to the list more often if you upgrade to a paid membership.

We have found that the best safelists are those that work on a credit based system. Credit based safelists are fair for everyone as you have to earn credits in order to email to the list of members. The way to earn credits is to click on links when emails are sent out.

Safelists require members to join and agree to receive email and in this way they conform to anti-spam regulations.

The fact that most Safelists are free to join and use is an advantage for anyone on a tight advertising budget.

Now to answer the question, do Safelists work? Yes they work! OH YES! We can tell you with 100% certainty that Safelists DO work. We use them, and we recommend them to our members as an effective, easy, low cost traffic generation tool.

NOTE: There are some things that will definitely INCREASE your effectiveness in getting results when you use Safelists, so listen up.

Here is what you need to know to get the best results from Safelist postings.

1. Make sure what you are sending to the Safelist is motivating, includes an offer and reasons to respond NOW! You will get the BEST response if you include something for free or limit the availability of the offer. Example, do this by X date and you will get this X free!

2. If you have a dud ad or offer that does not yield a response, change it up, strengthen it, reword, add value, change your offer but do something to make it more compelling to the reader.

3. Mail to your Safelist when your target audience is AWAKE! If you are in the UK and
targetting the USA with your Safelist offer be sure to send the mailing when your audience is up and at their computer ready and able to respond to your offer. Early mornings and later in the evening is when you want people to receive your posting.

4. Make sure your Safelist mailing includes a way to capture lead information, your readers may not buy what you are offering today, but if you can encourage them to provide their contact information you have a valuable lead for future offers.

5. Landing Pages are VERY effective for safelist posts. Landing pages are a fast loading, eye-popping single page that usually includes an offer, and a lead capture form. If you can, also include a video player to get people’s attention. Give people lots of reasons to read your ad and respond to your ad NOW!

Here are some example of Landing Pages to give you an idea.

Safelist Example 1
Safelist Example 2

Here are 2 Safelists we recommend.

Review Team’s Score for Safelists as an Effective Advertising Tool: 9/10

~ The Home Business Review Team


Traffic for .01 cents! Unreal! REAL! Here’s how!

Product Review: Mass PPV (pay per view)

We’ve got something CRAZY to share with you today 🙂

Traffic for as little at .01 each can you believe it?
Believe it! I am going to tell you how so hold on to your seat! It’s called MASS PPV.

Underground marketer Kris Trujillo literally got over 45,000 visitors and 9200 optin subscribers to his squeeze page in just under 24 hours IN THE SUPER COMPETITIVE DATING NICHE…

What’s even more impressive is he got all those people for just .07 each… HOW SWEET IS THAT!? I know! Keep reading!



Imagine being able to go into virtually any niche and start getting visitors right away for pennies each….even in the super competitive niches such as weight loss, dating, real estate and more…

Wait there is more, it gets better!

You can build your subscriber list instantly and start making money within a few hours of launching your campaign….THAT’S AS POWERFUL AS IT GETS!


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Product Review: Mass PPV

Rating: 9 / 10

Home Business Product Review Team


Product Review: Article Submitter – 1 Way Links BOOST your Search Engine Ranking

As many online marketers know, Google and other search engines are constantly changing the way they rank websites. It is absolutely critical to get high quality, one-way links to your website. Recriprocal links used to be effective but are losing power due to changes Google and the other Search egnines like Bing are making to the way they index sites and determine popularity. Put simply, reciprocal website links just aren’t anywhere near as effective as they once were. The problem that we, and most people are facing is it’s HARD to find ways to get 1 way links… let alone high quality links!

One of the most powerful, and even better… EASIEST ways to get quality, one way links is by submitting your articles to article directories. There are lots and lots of article directory sites. By submitting articles, you can not only get one way links, pretty much instantly, but you can control the anchor text used in your link. AND even better, you can get “in text” links within the body of your article.

These are the best types of links you can get to improve your search engine ranking.

Basically, this means that you can completely control which keywords you want to rank highly for! Up until now, there was still a problem, and that was…

1. Finding the article directories you can submit your article to AND

2. Once you find those directories, it takes a HUGE amount of time to actually fill in all of your article submission details like first name, last name, keywords, short author bio, and many other required fields…

But, guess what?

We’ve discovered a brand new program created by Brad Callen and the Bryxen Software team, called “Article Submitter”. This software program allows you to quickly submit your website to hundreds of article directories with a few mouse clicks! We are Not kidding…

We’ve been using it and it’s saved us literally hours of time in both submitting AND in finding these directories.

Here’s the link to check out the software:

Rating for the Article Submitter Software: 9/10

Suggested article directory site

~ The Home Business Product Review Team

Product Review: Mass PPV Traffic. Is it possible to get people to your site for .01 cent per visitor?

Product Review: Mass PPV Traffic
(Mass Pay Per View Traffic)

We’ve just been given a sneak peek into a super underground marketing method. It’s called Mass PPV Traffic which stands for Mass PayPer View Traffic. I thought I knew a lot about marketing, but when I saw this technique I was amazed at the results! I think that Mass Pay Per View (PPV) is going to be huge. The craziest part is that you can literally get targeted visitors for less then ONE CENT! This video is completely FREE to watch and you have got to check it out right now (Click Link Below)


I am completely floored and amazed at what I have just seen…

The Mass Pay Per View (PPV) Traffic video is from a guy named Kris Trujillo. Kris is a super affiliate that has helped generate THOUSANDS of dollars for different CPA networks. He also builds MASSIVE lists overnight!

The great thing about Kris is that he is a marketer in the trenches. He knows his stuff and he is always adapting his marketing strategies to the ever changing Internet. The techniques he teaches are leagues ahead of other marketers. No one is teaching this stuff online!
Unfortunately there are going to be plenty of angry and upset “Gurus” as Kris is about to expose an extremely LUCRATIVE method for marketing online. His method can literally be used to milk the online world for THOUSANDS of leads overnight!

Rumor has it that he is EXPOSING one of the most powerful MARKETING formulas online that uses SECRET TRAFFIC funnels to bring in some EXPLOSIVE PAYDAYS!

I’ve seen live proof of over 9179 leads generated in less than 24 hours and you gotta see it yourself to believe it:



Most Gurus will tell you that affiliate marketing is the easiest way to earn big money online, and although this can be true to a certain extent, they never tell you the ad costs and complexities in setting up a profitable campaign and then scaling it up to earn the really big numbers.
All of this is actually a lot more difficult than it is made out to be in most of the online courses you have bought.

The SECRET to EARNING BIG CASH with affiliate marketing is to do it with cheap targeted traffic. I’m not talking from traffic brokering websites that sell your ad on a parked page… I mean an aggressive form of marketing with POPUP WINDOWS! This is what the people in the know have been trying to hide for a very long time.

Kris teaches an intrusive marketing method that only the biggest affiliates are currently using! His technique utilizes popup IN YOUR FACE advertising techniques that can be so targeted leads will beg to be on your mailing list.

These popup windows can be SUPER TARGETED and can generate INSANE CONVERSIONS. This is hands down…way more powerful than any other form of affiliate marketing!

See the PROOF With your own eyes HERE NOW for FREE:

Kris is an extremely talented Internet Marketer with a large reach in the Affiliate Marketing industry. He has personally trained dozens of affiliates in this marketing strategy. Helping several Affiliates generate over $300,000 a MONTH!

The amount of people that made a downright filthy income with his techniques that he is revealing in the course are quite frankly SHOCKING!

This is hands down the most Secretive Underground Marketing formula ever to be released online and you would be CRAZY if you didn’t check this out:

SCREW THE SEARCH ENGINES – Mass Pay Per View Traffic is going to turn low budget marketers into winners in the promotion and visitors game.

The Second part of the big deception online is that you need to use Google Adwords, Yahoo, and Bing to make the real cash on the internet.


Although yes search engine marketing (SEM) is a truly powerful system to use in your marketing, the fact of the matter is that the competition on adwords alone is insane, and unless you have a big ad budget and a lot of time on your hands to test your campaigns, be prepared to get wiped out FAST!

The truth is you don’t need Google, Yahoo, or Bing…

With Mass Pay Per View Traffic, Kris explains how you can harness the power of other peoples websites to help you generate mass amounts of traffic for DIRT FREAKIN CHEAP! The cheapest traffic sources that Kris uses bring in SUPER targeted visitor to his website for less than $0.02. Then he turns the traffic around and converts them into a lead for whatever niche he wants.

You could almost call him the Pied Pipper of Marketing. Leading the masses to his sites and coercing them to join his personal mailing list… Then … He shoves them off to CPA offers where he can turn that $0.02 visitor into a $4.00 commission. AMAZING. I can literally watch this guy work all day long!

Like I said before this is the guy to listen to when you want the real underground knowledge of how to earn big bucks online and you would be crazy if you didn’t check this out.

I personally cant wait to find out more myself and am going to be following this thing like a Hawk. It looks so good that its almost scary and I am not going to lie to you but I am real excited!

After all, who in their right mind would refuse an underground system to generate six figures with No Google, No Yahoo, and No Bing… Best of all… You capture the lead and sell to them day in and day out. Anytime you are running low on cash… Or maybe you just want to go out and buy a new car… Just blast your newly formed list with a HOT offer.

I’m off to check out the affiliate section for his site now to get more INSIDER Information. Why lie? This is so hot if you don’t buy it you’ll be crazy. Rumor has it… Kris made Chuck Norris cry… I suggest you watch his FREE Revealing Video here:

P.S. This Secret Page will be taken down in exactly 24 hours and will never be up again so if you want some real insider information from someone who has proven to be a success in this industry and helped many others achieve the same results you should stop everything else you’re are doing right now and check this out.



Rating for Mass PPV Traffic (Mass Pay Per View Traffic): 9/10

The Home Business Product Review Team

How to Get YOUR site found: Free Search Engine Optimization tool is easy to use and effective

Product Review: Website Grader Search Engine Optimization Tool

Search engine optimization doesn’t have to be complicated thanks to a free tool that analyzes your site then tells you how to modify your site ever so slightly to increase your findability and ranking in popular search engines like Google.

For those of you who want a quick analysis of how well your site is optimized, we suggest a website called Website Grader. The people at Website Grader offer a free tool and according to their website, this SEO tool measures the marketing effectiveness of a website. It provides a score that incorporates things like website traffic, SEO, social popularity and other technical factors. It also provides some basic advice on how the website can be improved from a marketing perspective.

To check the Grade of your site in terms of Search Engine Optimization you just enter your website address (or that of your competitor’s) and within a few minutes an easy to read report is generated.

This tool generates data on the most important facotrs related to optimizing your site for search engine indexing, specifically:

–image labels
–heading tags
–inbound or backlinks
–age of domain name
–page rank in Google

A score out of 100 is generated based on the anaylsis of the website and suggestions are made on how you can improve your grade. You can make the changes then check back to see if your Search Engine Optimization grade has improved.

Get this free Search Engine Optimizaton tool at

There are far more comprehensive SEO tools available but for those of you who like quick and easy, this is a nice tool. The report is generated quickly, and the suggestions easy to implement and are proven effective strategies for improving your search engine ranking.

Product Review Summary: 8/10

The Home Business Experts Review Team

Shout OUT about your business!

This review is short and sweet on a new site that offers free advertising.

It’s called:


Shout out to the world about YOUR business. Brand new site! Free! Fun!

It’s a great way to spread the good word about your home business or affiliate program.

Shout it out now!

Go to:

~The Home Business Review Team

How To Send Emails, Create Documents, Surf the web and more by simply SPEAKING!

We hear from a lot of customers who don’t like all the typing involved with running an online business. Many people starting to work from home are at an age where typing is not easy or familiar.

If you fall into this category you might want to look at “Dragon Naturally Speaking 10”.

This is a very good program (much improved over earlier versions) and it allows you to send emails and instant messages, surf the web, create sales letters, and more – by simply speaking.

Years ago, we had tried the earlier versions and frankly they had a lot of problems and a lot of errors. The new version however, although not perfect, is excellent. We like it and recommend it for anyone who is not a fast typer, or does not want to type or just wants to save time. I expect that this program would be very helpful for people with disabilities as well who want to work from home, take online classes etc.

Easy to use, and not involved to learn how to use it.We really like “Dragon Naturally Speaking 10”. We have used it for Support, Letters, Surfing, MSN etc.

Here is the company’s website:

Product Review Summary: 9/10

The Home Business Experts Product Review Team
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