Superior blog content makes you money. Here’s how to write like a pro.

by Dr. Jeffrey Lant

Blogs have swept the Internet. EVERY smart person
either has one or is working hard to create one asap.
This means you!

I’m here to deliver the blog content you must have and
are (right now) clueless about creating. Let’s dig in
and solve that problem right now.

A blog is not a soliloquy, a tirade, or a soap box.

A blog is a conversation started by you. And like all
conversations it takes two to tango.

Sadly, most people are lousy conversationalists.
They do not converse, back and forth. Rather, they
talk at people, mistaking the fact that they are
pumping out words to beat the band for a keenly
felt desire to hear what the other person has to
say. These are selfish communicators… and they
can never produce the results you must have to
make your blog worthwhile.

Blogs work because they are interactive… and this
means creating content that gets results while always
urging your readers to respond.

But let’s be honest with each other. You’re not at all
sure how to write blog content that’ll do what every
blog must do: generate leads and make money. Isn’t
that about the size of it?

For make no mistake, there is ABSOLUTELY NO
point in creating and publishing a blog that doesn’t
generate good leads and make you money, every single day.

To achieve this objective RSVP must become the 4
most important letters in your profit alphabet.

Repondez s’il vous plait.

1) Always talk to your readers in the second person;
always speak to them directly with an implicit or
explicit “you”. Your reader must know you are talking
to her, personally, directly.

2) Make it clear you want to hear from your readers.
Readers of your blog need to be told, often and
clearly, that you WANT to hear from them; that you
are standing by to hear from them… and that hearing
from them, now, is the one essential you must
have to make your day.

3) Make it easy to respond to you. Include your land
line phone number, cell, skype, email, etc. If you want
responses, make it supremely easy to respond to you.

4) Keep the tone of your blog intimate, as if you
were having a private conversation with your best
friend. People always want to know secrets and
revealing information, especially about you. Oblige

5) Publish reader comments in your blog. What’s
one tried and true feature that’s sure to rivet the
full and immediate attention of your readers? Put
their name in your blog; their name and any interesting
and constructive comments they have made.

Hint: if a blog reader criticizes you, print the
criticism… and your (always) cool, calm and collected
response. People love reading such exchanges…
and your stature is sure to grow by showing your
readers how well you handle them. Ole!

“Content is king,” saith Bill Gates… and he surely

Billionaire Bill said, many years ago, that online
“content is king.” Truer words have ne’er been spoke.
The key is knowing how to get it.

Start with a pair of scissors.

Each day I sit down with the publications I receive,
including the Boston Globe, New England’s paper of
record. Over my Cheerios I proceed to read… not just for
immediate information but for topics of interest about which
I can write blog content.

Such topics are easy to find, ranging as they to
from current Congressional high jinx to the faux pas
of kings and presidents; from economic prognostications
to items of human interest and insight.

If you want to run an effective, useful blog, keep such publications —
and scissors — near at hand.

The wire services are key.

All day, every day the essential, usually unsung heroes
of international incident and instant communications — the
wire services of the Associated Press, Reuters, etc —
pump out the factual information every single commentator
on earth relies on and must be grateful for. In short, they
do the grunt work that enables you to appear at all
times knowledgeable, intelligent, omniscient. Without
them such poses would be fatuous, ridiculous., unsustainable.

Similarly, check places inhabited by news junkies like
me; you know, the major search engines and, always,
CNN, Fox News, etc. Remember, a blog is a place of
commentary… and commentators (with you now amongst
them) must ALWAYS have something on which to comment.

Another hint: you need to open an “idea” folder, into which
you can file, on a regular, daily basis, all the good subjects
(funny, tragic, infamous, informative) that come your way.
Never rely upon memory. Remember your scissors (and
for online information your printer.) Gather this information
and put it away. For this is the pure gold of the commenting
business, and of your so well informed blog.

Timely blog posts; timeless blog posts. You need both

All blog content falls into two main categories: timely
and timeless.

Timely means things of the moment; actions, events that
are breaking news. You must be on top of these stories
with valuable content and timely comment. Your aim must
always be to be in advance of the developing story… at the
very least on top of the current news cycle. This can easily
be done on the ‘net… if you stay abreast of story developments,
as reported in the spots inhabited by news junkies and
blogsters like you.

But all your posts need not be timely; much invaluable
content can and should be timeless — meaning it can
be used and reused… again and again — either as is,
or updated. Such “evergreen” content has always been
the friend of folks like us with a deadline… and the need
for immediate content… but not an idea to be had. We rely on
such worthy content, as on a good friend. (By the way,
this article goes firmly into that category… for it has legs
and can be read — and published — with profit for years to come.)

Your blog is your future

Right now, yet again, the Internet is being reshuffled.
Those with blogs of consequence are emerging as the
very sovereigns of cyberspace. Believe me, you wish
to be amongst them… for to them will fall all the loaves
and fishes.

These remarks will help. Print them, save them,
savour them, for they come from an old hand at this
fast-moving business.

About The Author

Harvard-educated Dr. Jeffrey Lant is CEO of
Worldprofit, Inc., where
small and home-based businesses learn how to
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Interactivity is the key to blog success. Here’s the exact language to use to get it. Yes, exact.

by Dr. Jeffrey Lant

Hear ye, hear ye! Blogs are the hottest thing on the ‘net.
You know it… and you’ve done the necessary to set yours
up and publish, right? Out it goes… then… nothing. Not a
peep from any reader. That’s bad, real bad.

That’s why I’m here — to help you achieve maximum blog

As you’re reading along with this article, think Cole Porter’s
peppy little number, “Friendship” (from “Was a lady,” 1939)
because that’s what this article is, a friend helping a friend achieve
maximum success online, this time with your blog.

Interactivity is the key.

Blogs work when they’re interactive, that is when you get your
audience/readers to respond. And why do you want them to
respond? Because blog readers who respond are the very best
customer prospects there are, that’s why. Moreover if you’re smart,
you want to monetize your blog just as quickly as possible,
right from the get-go… so that every time you publish your blog
your readers, your prospects — with their money — respond.

Here’s how to make this happen day after golden day.

Announce your objective, so that people know that your
blog is interactive… and you expect them to respond.

“Readers! You’ve arrived at the most interactive blog
online… where we are in constant touch with our readers…
and readers are encouraged, indeed expected, to
respond. We like hearing from you!”

Make this goal pellucidly clear to your readers. And keep
this exact language in all blog posts. It’s your welcome mat
for the world.

Words that get people to respond to your lead article.

“Folks, I’m delighted, pleased, ecstatic to bring you this article (add
title here). It’s written by an expert (add name here) who knows what
she’s talking about. After you’ve read this piece, email me at once at
(email address). Tell us what you think! We genuinely want to know!”

Put like this, such a plea is irresistible. Expect responses fast,
always remembering that each response represents either the
beginning of an ongoing relationship with that respondent…or
the strengthening of an existing relationship. In short, it is the raw
matter for success and nothing but success.

Ask your readers to respond to individual articles, not just
the entire blog.

Remember, not only must your blog be perceived as interactive;
each portion of the blog must be so configured. In other words,
you want each and every article and/or blog section to generate
leads. Here’s how to do it.

“Friend, this article by (name of writer) is absolutely terrific,
isn’t it? The writing is incredible… the content superb. What’s
more , I can tell you how to get content of this amazing quality
on your blog free. Email me your name, email address, and
phone for the details. Yes, I mean FREE!”

Offer a freebie in every issue.

One particularly popular freebie, which I’ve used for years,
is to write and make available a Free Report to your readers on
a subject of interest to them, a subject like this:

“Boy, oh boy, have I ever got the terrific freebie for you
today, you lucky blog readers, you. This report, absolutely
free, is titled ‘Just what you need to know and do to get
(whatever benefit you sell)’. This special report is packed,
just packed, with superb, hard-to-find details , and I’m
lucky to be able to GIVE it to you. Email me now at (your
email address) with your name, email address and phone
number or just call me now at (your telephone number.)
P.S. Be sure to tell me what you think after you’ve read it!”

Or, try this freebie. It’s worked for me for years, and it’s a
pip of an example and model for you.

“Incredible, but true. Due to a special arrangement with
some hot-shot traffic gurus, I’m able to give out 1,000,000
guaranteed visitors today, that is 50,000 each to the FIRST
TWENTY READERS who respond today. Be one of them.
Email me now at (email address) along with your name,
address, and phone number or just pick up the phone and
call me now. DON’T WAIT. This special offer can’t last!”

Ask for comments. Use the comments.

Remember, your objective is to solicit and then receive
comments from every reader. First, savour them; you have
earned a little self-congratulation, because with each blog
post and every reader response thereto, you are distancing
yourself from the also-rans of blog publishers and firmly
establishing yourself as a Smart Cookie. Now, press your

When responses arrive, be sure to publish them in your
blog, good, bad, or indifferent. Of course, you want every
response to be positive. These are the most welcome and
easy-to-use blog posts. Publish them at once… and use them
to generate more responses. You want your readers to see
and be clear on the fact that yours is one of the most exciting,
worthwhile blogs in the land. Make it a point to publicize every
positive response you get:

“Wow! Here’s a great response from (name of reader responding).
We sure do appreciate these responses, not just because they’re
complimentary (but what’s wrong with that anyway?) But because
they make it clear how you feel… and what you like about what
we’re doing. That’s Very Important indeed! Always include your
name, address, phone, and email address.”

What if the response is carping, critical, vituperative?

The world does not live on a diet of milk and honey. Gall and
wormwood do make themselves known. Your job is to use
negative comments to impress your readers and even turn
your carping critic into a lap dog. Take a look at how this magic

“Tom Jones from Pocatello, Idaho isn’t too happy today. He
has emailed this message: ‘Folks, that last article you published
on (name of article) was just plain wrong about a couple of points.
Here’s the low-down…”

All publishers, blog or otherwise, are inured to getting responses
like this. The key is turning the criticism into gold, building a
relationship with the (momentarily) irked or critical respondent.

“Tom, your points are sooooo well taken. Thanks for making
them; we’ve glad to let our readers have your point of view
and hope to hear more from you. In the meantime, please accept
a free copy of our newest report (title here).”

In short, turn lemons into lemonade and emerge wiser and
better regarded than before.

Last words… there are no last words.

Blogging, as tried and true bloggers know, NEVER ends.
Each issue, each part of each issue, constitutes a potential link
to the future. Each thing, every section and each word, is a
hook; grabbing, then pulling in your expectant audience, thereby
generating leads, comments for future issues… and (how sweet it is)

Blogs are the most personal of media. Run with that
concept, and make your blog a place of constant
interactivity and the satisfaction and profit that ensue
to you as a result. Your readers will be happy,
recognizing and applauding you, while you laugh
all the way to the bank! How nice!

About The Author

Harvard-educated Dr. Jeffrey Lant is CEO of
Worldprofit, Inc., where
small and home-based businesses learn how to
profit online. Attend Dr. Lant’s live webcast
TODAY and receive 50,000 free guaranteed
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On the tragedy of Tyler Clementi and what you can do to turn it into a better Internet for us all.

by Dr. Jeffrey Lant

The words come easily about a thoughtless incident
engineered  by unthinking adolescents


The facts have flashed around the world.

A freshman at Rutgers University, Tyler Clementi, literally just
days into his first term, had an encounter with another
student, a  male student.

His peeping tom roommates, one male, one female,
had the bright idea of posting live feed of the tryst on
the net for the titillation and second-hand  jollies of a world
that can’t seem to get enough of the intrusive and lascivious,
no matter how invasive the source.

All this was bad enough, thoroughly, unequivocally

But worse was quick to come.

A young man in a new, strange environment learning what
had been done, faced in his mind a future replete with embarrassing
confessions at home, taunts from bigoted classmates,
ridicule and recriminations for what was no more
than a private act of consensual love at a great
liberal institution.

Tyler, literally helpless, saw only one way to cope,
and so at the very dawn of adult life he took that life,
by leaping into eternity from the George Washington Bridge,
a premature statistic with stillborn potential.

Not the net but its misusers at fault

For those who dislike and mistrust the Internet, the
Clementi case has been a godsend. Now here is an
opportunity to lambast and to deprecate the Internet as
a hotbed of lying, prevarication, deception, malice
aforethought, and unfathomable immorality. These
vociferous folk say the Internet must be hobbled,
controlled, contained, regulated and eviscerated of
its almost satanic power for mayhem and evil.

But such critics are wrong.

The Internet is neither good nor bad; it is only what
the minds of men have made it.

As such we must look into ourselves to find
solutions to a problem that threatens to engulf and
destroy the great institution the Internet has become.

The solution starts with you, and it starts today
from your computer. Here is what must be done
by all of us, without a moment’s delay, lest we tarry
too long and lose this race for the soul of the Internet.

1) Never post anonymous comments about
anyone. If you have something to say, have the
courage of your convictions, not the dutch courage
of anonymity. Yes, anonymity has its benefits, but these
are dwarfed by the hurtful and malicious comments
which  are bold only because unclaimed by their

2) Tell owners of sites publishing anonymous
comments that what they are doing is reprehensible,
dishonorable, cowardly and injudicious.  One such comment
from just one person may cause a shrug from the site owners
and publishers. But one comment launches the forces of
outraged morality which have ignored, evaded, and winked too
long at these abuses.

3)  Boycott sites which publish and condone
the malice and pain of anonymous comments.
Boycott advertisers on such sites. And tell them you
are doing so. Money talks, especially when it walks.

4) Use the majesty of fair play to rout those who
present and sustain the dedicated, premeditated
evil of anonymous commentary.  Post a comment
whenever you see anonymity used for destruction.
Remind readers that the one attacked has not
been asked for rebuttal and fair response.

5) Be honest in describing acts of anonymous
commentary, films, video, etc which set out to
hurt and malign. These are not "pranks" (as
the Rudgers perpetrators claim); they are
deliberate acts of hate, violence, and vicious
destruction and must be regarded and dealt
with accordingly.

6) Don’t regard the publication and posting of
intimate personal business as anything other
than a clear violation of an individual’s essential
right to privacy. You must be quite clear on this!

7) Assume that the people publishing anonymous
comments have an axe to grind, a personal motive
behind their remarks, an arriere pensee   They wish
to be perceived as delivering the truth, while in
reality cloaking their own objectives behind the
shield of anonymity. This allows them to lie, cloak,
run, hide, deceive and avoid any responsibility
whatsoever while the gullible and credulous are manipulated.

8) See if the site publishing the hurtful anonymous
commentary has a listed owner, address, phone,
e-mail etc.; someone in a responsible position who
can remove comments clearly designed to
agitate, calumniate, and besmirch — or is the
site impervious and inhospitable to the need for
accuracy and fairness.

Above all, recognize this: all that must happen for evil
to prevail is for men of good will and progressive
outlook to do nothing. The time is here for these good people,
including you, to use your powers for goodness,
before a handful of malicious, hateful, mean-
spirited people of unrelenting negativity and disguised
motive cause the Internet to stumble and fall,
brought down by a bacillus which can and must be
eradicated now.

This all comes too late of course for Tyler Clementi, young,
confused, who died alone and who might have left no footprint
here at all. But this lad gone too soon is instead a source
for cosmic change of the utmost importance
to the myriad activities and communications of mankind
universal on the Information Highway.  His death, tragic as it
is, does have meaning for he has helped cleanse the
Internet of a great evil. Sleep well, young Tyler for we shall not
forget you, victim of malice, inspiration for reform. You have
done your work and it is good.

About The Author

Harvard-educated Dr. Jeffrey Lant is CEO of
Worldprofit, Inc., where
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Recognizing and celebrating your company’s unsung heroes

Right now in your company there are "unsung heroes"
whose quiet dedication and, yes, devotion are keeping
you in business. These are the people who

* don’t complain
* are present for work on time
* gladly help out as necessary
* are selfless and always focused on the good of the
business and its employees.

Every  business has such people.

Every business relies on them.

Unfortunately, these fortunate businesses often
take such jewels for granted. That will never do.

1) Identify the "unsung heroes" of your company.

The better you know your employees, the easier
selecting your "unsung heroes" will be. When you
come to think about it, you’ll know right away who
has done much for you and is deserving of special

2) Have a classy recognition event.

Bringing in a couple of pizzas and saying some
nice words about the employee/s in question may
be ok for ordinary "thanks", but when an "unsung hero" is
being celebrated that is most assuredly not good enough.

3) Say it with silver

For hundreds of years, important occasions have been
celebrated by the presentation of silver objects. Why?
Because silver represents value, permanence, and
something splendid to show family and friends.

Such objects must ALWAYS be sterling (not plate) and
must ALWAYS feature a celebratory inscription:

"For (name) for exemplary service since (date).
From your friends and colleagues at (name of company.)
(date of presentation.)

4) Include a check

Whenever possible, you should also present your "unsung hero"
with a check for at least $1000. Remember, you are recognizing
one of the keys to your success. Reward this valuable person

5) Hold a recognition event

Remember, for the person you are honoring, whatever you
do will quite probably be unique in her life. Thus, if you do
the thing, do the thing right. This means holding some kind of
recognition event. In our busy times, luncheons are recommended.

Have it at a local restaurant with a function room. Make sure to
get your hero’s name on the facility’s calendar of events .

6) Invite your hero’s family and friends

Again, remember that this event will quite probably be
unique in your hero’s life. Thus, make it a point to invite
family and friends to attend. Let them see in what regard
you hold the honoree.

7) Get the day declared in her honor

Every public official from the President of the United
States down has the ability to help you recognize your
"unsung hero." How?

At least 30 days before the event send a letter to

* the governor of your state, or

* the mayor of your town, or

* your state representative or state senator.

All of them have resplendent certificates readily available
into which they can insert wording provided by you.
If you ask them to attend your event to present the
certificate themselves, they may well do so! This
provides an extra level of importance.

Note: if the service of your "unsung hero" has been
particularly noteworthy, do not hesitate to write the
president. You may well get a telegram or letter or, even,
(it happens) a phone call from the president himself…
and that would surely make your event notable!

8) Take lots of pictures. Post them on your website.

This is the moment for all shutterbugs. The more
pictures you take, the better. Post them prominently on
your website.

9) Deliver heartfelt, gracious, sincere remarks.
Don’t stint on the compliments.

Talk from the heart about this person and what she
has done. Remember, she has been one of the reasons
for your success. Now is the moment to say so with
grace, felicity and warmth. Be sure to record your
words and give these, too, to your star.)

Last Words

We all mean to take the time and trouble to publicly
thank and honor the good folks who keep our company
going. But life has a way of getting away from  us. That’s
why you need to make honoring your heroes a matter
of priority and importance. They have served you well.
Now do what is called for to recognize them for all their
services. It is right and proper.

Achtung! Internet readers beware! People are deliberately misleading you online. Here’s why…

by Dr. Jeffrey Lant

Psst…….. Michelle Obama is a lesbian who brings
adolescent girls to the White House and Camp David!

Hillary Rodham Clinton seduced Tom Cruise at her
private chalet in Russian River, California! Bill Clinton
is never invited there!

President Obama has moved over $4 billion of your
taxpayer dollars to Switzerland  where he has a secret
bank account!

Hot "news" like this can be found any hour of the day
online… as one "insider" story after another, each more
scintillating, titillating, and scurrilous than the last
catches fire online and captures your attention.

Problem is, every single one of these "hot insider facts" is
not only wrong, but is deliberately invented (like the ones above)
to suit the purposefully invidious and always selfish and self-serving
purposes of the poster.

The question is: why are so many people all over the
world perverting the Internet by posting deliberately
erroneous, always hurtful, and completely false "information"?

Let’s take a look…

Maladjusted kids with too much time and Internet savvy

Did you ever make a prank telephone call when you were
in grammar school? I did… and I suspect most of you did too.
Now, however, the pranks are not directed at one person,
but at millions. And the Internet is so configured that one
maladjusted kid sitting in his basement in Kalamazoo can
(within minutes) prank the whole world. To  pimple-faced
Johnny who’s a wash-out with the chicks, this is a thrill that
just won’t quit. Unfortunately, the viruses he invents and
disseminates, the misinformation he circulates are very
real and cause, as he wanted, maximum dislocation and
harm. He’s the man!

With malice towards all and charity towards none (pace
Abe Lincoln)

We live in the era of the empowered haters where daily
people as psychotic as Hitler and as malevolent as Stalin take
center stage. These people are hooligans on speed.
Shunned themselves, they are determined that the
successful of the world shall answer to them….or else.
In the "real" world, such creatures have limited influence
even if they turn into uni bombers, stalkers, and those who
(with cunning and skill) reduce their own pain by inflicting it
on the great of the land… or merely on an unfortunate soul who
happens to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. Now the
socially inept and clinically dangerous have scope for their

For such people the Internet is a dream come true….
because now, without leaving their homes, they can
hurt, really hurt, brutally hurt people who have neither
heard of them… nor offered so much as an offending
word. The empowered  hooligan doesn’t care… to hurt
is his objective and if he determines to hurt… he has no
need whatsoever to justify the heinous act.  He hurts, therefore
he is.

Misinformation as pay back

Got into an argument with your brother-in-law lately? Got
cut off on the turn pike and wrote down the license plate
number? Chastised by your boss in front of your colleagues
(never mind that he was right). Got blown off by the waitress
you made a pass at? You want pay-back, and you want it

Voila! The Internet’s at hand. Post! Publish! Hurt them…
feel vindicated, powerful, happy. Such commentary, posted
by the vengeful daily,  floods the Internet. These comments are
invariably abusive, misspelled…and anonymous. You want
to hurt the boss all right… you want to show that girl to be
sure… but hold the name with the mayo. Cut them down to
size… but never,ever tell them who you actually are. Hurt and
hide, the coward’s formula through history.

"Expose"  your competitors by riding in on your white

This is a biggie. In business? Got successful competitors?
In a hurry for success? Then use the Internet to besmirch
your competitors. Make up "confidential" information about
them. Pose as the readers’ friend… let them in on the "secret"
about your competition. What matter that every word you
post is made up…. when YOU can benefit from the lie. Paint with
broad strokes: use innuendo, suggestion, go for the big lie.
Poor as you are, hiding behind email and anonymity, you
have license to prevaricate.

This format is used regularly by people in a hurry, by
the corner cutters, the self-appointed "truth tellers",
and by people with an axe to grind. They know that
online they can not only appear to be virtuous but
ride to the top of the search engines on the coat tails
of their well-known competitors. Such messages are a magnet
for the gullible and the credulous, for people whose "business" is to
manipulate the lazy and uniformed from whom they conjure money
without compunction — and then disappear, the privilege of
the harlot throughout the ages.

Bait and switch

Back in the good old days of mail order there was a famous
ad that ran


Now that I’ve got your attention, let me tell you
about our terrific air conditioners.

A variety of this ad is launched daily on the net
which is why ads like the one with Hillary Clinton above
are created. Sex, as every marketer knows, sells. And
the more licentious and lubricious the better, no matter
than the message is false from start to end.

Reader Beware!

Today you will be the recipient of online lies, smut, and
vulgarity. That is why today you must be chary and cautious
about what you choose to believe and the judgements you

* Ask yourself whether what you are reading is likely.
If the claim is outrageous and  exaggerated, it is unlikely
to be true.

* Is the claim signed? Is someone willing to take
responsibility? If not, it is hearsay and rumor in which
case who is benefiting from it?

* Has the person attacked been given the chance to
respond… or is the claim advanced by one person who
attacks… but will not let his victim respond? Fairness is
never in the repertoire of the irresponsible.

* Is there a  clear beneficiary for what is being written?
Is this person assailing because they will benefit thereby?
Below the surface of seeming honesty, there is always

* If the claim is attributed, does that person have anything
to lose? Established persons and institutions are responsible
at least in part because they have much to lose by being
irresponsible. Those with nothing to lose can make
the most irresponsible claims with impunity… and so they do.
That they do is a sure sign of their insignificance and

Consider the source

When I was growing up in Illinois in the ‘forties, my
father had an expression: "Consider the source." When
some comment or rumor reached us, he’d say these
words. I now think of them often as I, like you, receive
the filth and lies deliberately disseminated by those who
may be Internent savvy but are bankrupt in all other ways.
My advice to you is to ignore, beware, and in all cases
consider who is benefiting from the lies, misrepresentations,
and fabrications before us.  When they cannot touch us,
the perpetrators y shrivel and die, fulminating still but powerless
and pathetic.

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