Worldprofit Home Business Bootcamp Camp Training 30 Nov 2012

Worldprofit Home Business Bootcamp Camp Training 30 Nov 2012
The LIVE Home Business Bootcamp with marketing expert George Kosch started promptly at 10 AM CT, Nov 30th, 2012.
The focus of today’s interactive training program was marketing and promotion.
George emphasized that 99% of your efforts should be on marketing and promotion.
1% of your effort should be on the product or service. Worldprofit makes it easy for you by providing tons of products and services you can sell, and our bootcamp training program teaches you how to do the marketing.
The path to success often involves watching and learning from others, why they succeed and why they fail. What happens is people will “think” they are doing the right things when it comes to marketing but the reality is that they aren’t grasping what needs to be done to get results. Newbies will often do everything BUT the marketing. Marketing is a complex subject and there is much to know.
We hear from people who tell us they have been “working” for hours every day but when we analyze their ad tracker we see the facts. Often people are promoting to just one place or to less than reputable sites. Or they try to buy leads and get them from a sketchy source and don’t use the places we recommend. Or they include the time they are learning in their “work time”. That doesn’t count. When you start ANY BUSINESS there is a learning curve, and a time period where you study, learn and understand the material. The time you spend on marketing and promotion is a completely different matter. Too much time spent on analysis and never actually doing the marketing is a problem for some.
Our goal at Worldprofit is to continually provide you with products and services you can sell, then we teach you how to market those products to earn income. Follow the training, watch the videos, use our support services, actually DO what we teach, and above all, make an honest effort and have some patience.
Products/Services Referenced in today’s training
FastTrack Advertising Co-op
Worldprofit’s Squeeze Page Builder
Worldprofit’s FastCash Program
Pre-Built Blogs by Worldprofit
Ad Tracker by Worldprofit
IBO Tool Box
Google Calendar
Google Alerts
E-Book Publishing (Worldprofit makes it easy by providing content and the Ebook creator)
Article Marketing